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|150px|center|Official Flag of Hmong State Republic Nation]]
National Flag
|130px|Seal of Hmong State Republic Nation]]
Peb Hmoob
National Anthem
Lus Npe Hu Ua Hmoob
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|250px|center|Location of Hmong State Republic Nation]]
Capital City Long Cheng
Official Language(s) Hmong
Demonym Hmong
Established May 5th 1975
Government Type Dictatorship Dictatorship
Ruler [[File:
|100px|General Vang Pao]]
General Vang Pao
Alliance [[File:
Flag old
|border|90px|Royal Lao Kingdom]]
Royal Lao Kingdom
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Statistics as of Jan. 7th
Total population 7,000,000
 Hmong civilians
 50,00 soldiers
Literacy Rate 78 out of 100%
Religion Taoism Taoism
Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure Infrastructure level
Technology Technology level
Nation Strength The Government of the People
Nation Rank Prime Minister of the 18 Xeeb of 5,242
Total Area 10 Million square miles nation id (the numbers at the end of your nation link) link=
Native Resources Coal, Sugar, Silver, Crop, Rice, Timber and Spice
Connected Resources Oil
Bonus Resources Tax Import Cost

Nation Information[]

History: The Hmong Nation is a prosperous nation that won their independence from the French from the "Roj Paj Cai" war and their self independence from the Indochina Wars, by allying themselves with the Royal Lao, South Vietnam and the American C.I.A.

Summary of Nation: The Hmong people make up about 7 mliion people all in total.

They are known for their many of their festivals, from their 30 day celebration of New Years in the Fall-Winter, their sports tournements and their Art festivals that are held in the summer times. (Flag Football, Kato, Volleyball, Soccer, Top-Spinning)

Politics: Their government is made up of two political parties, the Democratics led by Mee Moua and the Republics, led by Yang Dao.

Work: We believe that the quality of life is more important than work.

Health: Everyone has the right to basic health cares, but to those with special needs are payed extra attention.

Education: Education is free to the society, but those who want/deserve a better education may pay for private schools or get graded into private schools.

Religion: About 70% practice Ua Neeb, 20% are Christians and 10% are non-affliated. Freedom of religion is allowed, but is a private matter to self.

Financial: Everyone has the right to basic needs that should be taken care of by the government. Individuals can take it from there.

The Hmong Constitutional Law of Chao Fa[]

The National Laws:

All forms of Illegal Drugs are outlawed! Anyone associated with Criminal Gangs are outlawed and forced into Community Labor and 9 months jail terms. Capital Punishment is outlawed, but may be used on certain crimes

Family Laws:

Polygamy/Monogamy are outlawed Abortion is allowed only under the three circumstances: The mother's health is involved, the babies health is involved or the woman was raped. The same-surnames may not marry each other

The Sixteen Law:

Allowed to Marry, Work, Drink alcohol, Drive with permission (need driving permission I.D)

The Eighteen Law: By the age of 18, a citizen of the Hmong Nation becomes an adult.

Allowed to drive legally (w/o the driving permission). Allowed to join the Hmong National Army (HNA) Gun ownership is allowed for Hunting only through strict supervision of Gun Safety and License (For Hunting is the livelihood of the people). Allowed to purchase Tobacco and Alcohol.


Hmong Democratic Party: President Mee Moua

République Fraternité Hmoob: Prime Minister Yang Dao