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This article gives a general history of the Random Insanity Alliance. The alliance was founded on July 24, 2006 with its original intent to grow stronger then and defeat the LUEnited Nations who was formed from the Life, the Universe, and Everything board on GameFAQs. This goal, however, was soon abandoned and the RIA continued to grow in peace for some time. Since then the RIA has ratified three ConstRItutions and has throughout its history reached peaks of 5,300,000 nation strength and nearly 400 members. The alliance is currently around three and a half years old.
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How the RIA came to be (a story told by Zeep)Edit

Chapter One: The fall of one age, and the birth of a new age

Our story first starts in a far off land. A land of grace and dignity, a land of golden arcs; cobble stone streets; and a welcoming smile around every corner. This land I speak of, was country known as Random Insanity.

Random Insanity, RI for short, is located on the continent of GameFAQs, which is now part of the CNet kingdom. Now I am sure not many of you know of this RI I speak of. Some of you may have never heard of RI before, others may have heard my description of wondrous place and figured I was talking of a different place. If your case is the latter, then you are wrong. If you are of the latter then you are most likely wrong my friend.

See, RI was a wonderful place. I don't say "was" in a meaning that RI no longer exists, I say "was" in a meaning that RI has simply gone down the toilet. See, back then RI was at war with its neighboring country of LUE. They hated each other and wanted nothing to do with each other. A lot of people thought RI and LUE would kill each other off, but that is not what happened. The Golden RI as I was talking about, was brought down by an insider. Some time after the collapse of the RI government, LUE managed to close off its gates to foreigners and has ever sense been slowly choking itself to death.

The collapse of the RI government included civil war. During this time a lot of its heroes were charged with war crimes. Most of the heroes were killed on the spot, but a few escaped into the enemy lines of LUE, and were then exiled from RI. Without the heroes, RI just went deeper and deeper into its depression. New people kept coming, but they had no one to follow. Soon the civil war ended and the depression was too deep to fix by the few golden age citizens that remained. RI was reduced to a pile of crap, and has remained there sense. Some say it is a little better now days, but it all depends on who you ask. But enough about the history of RI, let's get onto the main point of this.

Lesson Two: From the shadows steps Legolas, and Napoleon too!!!

RIctuar, Symbol of the RIA

Shadow Legolas and Napoleon Too were two survivors of the civil war. The streets of RI were no place for these two, they got ate up and spit out to the curb side. They were just a few of the people who tried to rebuild RI to its former glory, but attempt after attempt they failed. They longed for the old RI, they longed for success, yet it never came to them.

Finally one day they were about to give up and just end their lives. But before they could pull the trigger and drink the poison, they heard of a new land. A land of riches and hope, much like what America was to the rest of the world when it was first discovered. This new land was called CyberNations, and they saw it as the last hope for RI.

They took the long journey across the vast WWW Ocean and came to the shores of hope and promise, CyberNations. They soon realized that this was the answer to their prayers. They figured if they can't rebuild old RI, then they will build a new RI. They quickly got to work and constructed a small kingdom of two, but that was not enough. They needed more than just them to make this work, but that's not all they needed. See, for some reason the land of CyberNations did not allow for it's people to have a private headquarters. This means their options were to plan in the public in front of possible enemy eyes, or locate the headquarters elsewhere.

So once they had things established in their lands on CyberNations, CN for short from here on, they headed back to the great continent of GameFAQs. They were not ready to let RI know of their work in progress, so they traveled across the continent of GameFAQs looking for a suitable place.

They soon came across a small ghost town called Yuu Yuu Hakusho. They decided this would be the home for their HQ, now all they had to do was breathe some life into the place. They only felt it right to rename the town due to the fact they were going to give it a new beginning. Being they didn't want to take too much time on this however, they simply named it "Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2."

Less-than Three: Back then, Shyox only counted as half a man.

One thing I forgot to mention about Shadow and Napoleon, was that they were not alone in find a home for their new HQ. Back on the shore of CyberNations, they met a young lad who also migrated from RI. This young mans name was none other than Shyox. Up till now, Shyox didn't really matter much as to how things went. It is true that he pointed it out to the two that they needed to have their HQ hidden, but they wont admit it was his idea. See, back when Shadow and Napoleon met Shyox, they thought nothing of him. In fact, they kinda hated him to be exact. The only reason why they kept him around, was to boost their own egos. But the fact of the matter is, despite what Shadow and Napoleon say, it was Shyox's idea to move the HQ out of the publics eye and back to GameFAQs.

The two and a half of them soon got to work in looking for members to join their group of rag tag RIers. They soon decided to call themselves the Random Insanity Alliance, also known as the RIA. Over time the numbers grew larger, yet as the numbers grew larger, danger also grew larger. Three major countries of GameFAQs traveled to CyberNations in all. The RIA, who's numbers were slowly growing was only one, and the weakest of the three. Another migratory country was Current Events, or CE for short. After the collapse of the RI government and the closing of LUE's walls, the public of RI started calling CE their enemy. With CE having a colonist group on the shores of CyberNations, the RIA had to be careful with where their HQ was located. One spy could mean doom for them all, for all their hard work and planning.

The third country, and the largest threat, was none other than LUE itself. After closing off it's walls to the public, it further more cut down it's numbers. It soon set sail across the WWW ocean and found a land which can't be found on any map, and depending on who you ask, doesn't exist. LUE split itself into two colonies to try to save itself. The problem with this is, both of those colonies came together at the shores of CyberNations to create the LUEnited Nations.

The RIA lived in fear of being discovered by ether CE, or the LUEnited Nations. Shyox feared this the most, and thought something should be done about this. Shadow and Napoleon showed no initiative in hiding to improve their chance of survival, so Shy knew he had to do this on his own. Little did he know however, he was about to go from only being half a man, to being a man and a half.

4: The time to come, we shall rest here.

Shyox knew something had to be done, and he now understood that it would have to be him to do it. With no other choice, he came out of the sidelines and smacked down the hands of Shadow and Napoleon. He then proceeded to grab RIA itself by the balls, and told it what direction to go. With a force unlike any other RIA has seen before, Shyox single handedly set RIA on the path for success.

Within the next few days Shyox gathered a small group of followers, and once again sent RIA across the WWW ocean. This time they were not headed back to the shores of CyberNation. No, this time they were headed to the shores of a large and highly diverse continent called Invisionfree. This continent was free of most rules, and most importantly, offered walls to keep unwanted eyes blind.

Shyox and his group of followers soon got to work at building a new Headquarters on Invisionfree. He had help from members such as Crunka, Leo, and Artema Dragon. Together this group of visionaries built the HQ that would house the RIA from here on out.

Shadow and Napoleon grew jealous of Shy's work, and slowly started to drift away from the dream they started. Soon the two who started the RIA, would be all but a faded memory in the minds of a few members.

5: positions to rule them all.

With the new HQ settled down, it was time to get some serious work done. The numbers for the RIA had not grown substantially in awhile. In fact, they were starting to shrink a little in numbers as members slowly started to drift away. Shyox had overcome the threat of LUE and CE for the time, but now faced the threat of RIA's own members.

Shy knew the only option left to save the RIA, was suicide. The RIA was not quite ready yet for RI to know about it, but there was no other choice. With his back against the wall and the RIA on its deathbed, he went to RI. He posted one small discrete bulletin on the side of a cookie shop in search of new blood. At first only a few people noticed, and even less cared. With such a crappy turnover, shy decided to go get a cookie, so he went into the shop and ignored the bulletin. While he was in the shop however, the people who cared started to stand around. Soon a small crowd was amassed outside of the shop looking at the bulletin. This small crowd attracted others, and they too soon joined into the crowd.

Shy was oblivious to his crowd of followers outside however, and he was getting rather annoyed at the people ahead of him in line. He only wanted a simple chocolate chip cookie, and he was determined to buy one. However, the people in front of him were cookie freaks, much like coffee freaks at stores such as starbucks. "I'll have an orange sugar cookie covered in purple sprinkles and mixed with some small to medium macadamia nuts" ordered one person. Another person stepped up in line, "Yeah, I will have a large cookie please. One half I want to be chocolate chip and peanut butter, the other half will be peanut butter M&Ms, Oreo bits, and dried ice cream." It took Shy half an hour to get his order in, and he spent another ten minutes arguing with the cashier that all he wanted was a simple chocolate chip cookie.

When shy stepped out of the shop, he was shocked at what he saw. Ninjas! Thousands of them!!! Even more shockingly, most of them were there to join the RIA! Some of the ninjas that joined the RIA were Kloo Shanko, Moth, myself, and Delta. Shy took who he could with him, but had to leave a few behind. He brought them to the RIA HQ and processed them into the ranks.

The large increase in ranks did little to save the RIA though. In fact, it only made its death all that more noticeable. With a group of RIers within its ranks, it now needed a slight order to keep things together. Elections were soon held for the five positions to rule them all. Leader, Co-leader, Foreign Advisor, War Advisor, and Economic Advisor.

The polls opened and the voting began, as did a new chapter in the RIA history. For the first time in its history, the RIA would have an actual designated leader, as well as a cabinet to help advise.

When the polls closed and the dust settled, Leo came out as Co-Leader. Moth happened to grab the Foreign Advisor position, which suited him well. The title of Economic Advisor was to be Kloo Shanko's. Artema Dragon grabbed War Advisor with hopes his furry in the times of war would meet his name of Dragon. Last but not least, in fact the most importantly, the mighty Shyox once again grabbed the RIA by the balls, but this time came out as it's official leader.

Six: feet under is not the place to be.

The RIA made much progress, and was doing well. However, things would soon be thrown into chaos...multiple times. Time after time however, the RIA would stand tall and prove to all that it shall survive. It may not be the biggest or best alliance, but it's warriors are loyal and will fight with everything they have to the bitter end.

31 July 2006, RIA's grounds shake from an outside force for the first time. Up to this time, the RIA was only known by its members and RI itself. 06:56 Coordinated Universal Time, an article is posted in the worldwide news paper known as the CNWiki. The article states, and I quote "The RIA is a recently created alliance. it is thought to be plotting a strike against the LUEnited nations. They are currently weak, but it is said by an inside source that they are great in number and have a well orginised hierarchy. They could be dangerous in the future." With the CE alliance dead, the RIAs only major concern left was the LUEnited Nations. This article had the power to light the spark of war, which would be more or less a slaughtering of the RIA. Thankfully however, the members of the RIA acted quick upon the threat and managed to hide the article from everyone else's eyes.

The second ground shaking threat the RIA faced was a devastating blow. The RIA was slowly starting to disintegrate as members sadly started to migrate away from the RIA. It was in this time of weakness that the next event happened. The great leader of RIA, Shyox, was attacked by rogues. They did enough damage to make the leader think of ending his life, but thankfully he didn't. In his time of need, a few members came back to help fight off the rogue nations. The RIA pulled through again and survived. The rogue nations soon went back into the shadows and left the RIA be.

Shortly after the rogue attacks, the RIA was once again in danger. This time however, it was by a greater threat then the LUEnited nations or a group of rogues. The New Pacific Order was knocking on the door of the RIA, and it was not there for a small chat. A citizen of the NPO attacked a fellow RIAer without reason. Shyox jumped in to back up our beloved brother, but was met with a fist in the face. We now had our leader in a fight with a NPO member, and any negotiations were going slowly. After me begging Shy to let me get involved, he finally let me at them. We now had three of our members in a fight with the most powerful force in the land of CyberNations. Peace was worked out soon after I got mugged by three or four NPO members.

It was a great deal later that our next conflict showed up, but we at first thought it was a repeat of the last one. The influential and powerful member Moth was attacked by what we thought at the time, another NPO member. Damage to moth racked up to be around 1.5 million by the end of the fighting. We soon got to the bottom of it though, and found out it was nothing but a rogue using the name of NPO for his own protection. The RIA attacked with no mercy, and we soon got moth his justice.

7 days in a week, 7 more days to the RIA history

At current, the RIA still stands, and has no worries at the time. Shyox still leads like he should, and the members are still loyal. Thanks to the work of Moth, we have multiple embassies with other alliances, and as of now really have nothing to worry about. Things are moving smoothly and the RIA has nothing to complain about.

We have survived through a few elections for who gets what title, as well as a few recruitment sessions. We may lose a few members here and there, but we also gain some to replace the fallen.

All in all, the RIA has done pretty well for itself if I do say so my self. I am a proud member of the RIA, and I plan on keeping it that way.

One Thousand Two Hundred Twenty-Seven Nights: Tales of Random InsanityEdit

  • Volume 1: Beginnings
    • Chapter I: RI, let us conquer LUE
    • Chapter II: Random Insanity
  • Volume 2: Life, the Universe, and Everything
    • Chapter I: 42
    • Chapter II: War Making Tyrants
    • Chapter III: Allied Guardians
  • Volume 3: Emergence
    • Chapter I: Maroon
    • Chapter II: Neutrality
  • Volume 4: Maroon Defense Coalition
    • Chapter I: War
    • Chapter II: The Cheese Senator
  • Volume 5: Wingman
    • Chapter I: Growth
    • Chapter II: Farkistan
    • Chapter III: Treaties
  • Volume 6: The Grand Union
    • Chapter I: Entry
    • Chapter II: Collapse
  • Volume 7: SuperFriends
    • Chapter I: Super Friends
    • Chapter II: Highway of the Unjust
    • Chapter III: Poll of the Day
    • Chapter IV: Acceptance of GOD
  • Volume 8: Ragnarök
    • Chapter I: Asplosion
    • Chapter II: The Great Purge
    • Chapter III: Ragnarok
    • Chapter IV: Maroonity
    • Chapter V: RIvival
  • Volume 9: End of the New World Order
    • Chapter I: Leap Day Offensive
    • Chapter II: Fall of the New World Order
  • Volume 10: Making the Impossible - Possible
    • Chapter I: Maroonity, Part II
    • Chapter II: Walnut Bark
    • Chapter III: Battle for King Srqt's Soul
  • Volume 11: Elements of Insanity
    • Chapter I: Maroon Blood
    • Chapter II: Upgraded Elements
  • Volume 12: Florida in the Pacific
    • Chapter I: Relocation of Florida
    • Chapter II: Two Years of Random Insanity
  • Volume 13: Siberian Tiger War
    • Chapter I: Shadow of Azural
    • Chapter II: Rest and Relaxation
    • Chapter III: Football League of Siberian Tigers
  • Volume 14: Teen Titans
    • Chapter I: Drunken Moth
    • Chapter II: Tuna and Biscuit Night
    • Chapter III: The Brave and the Bold
  • Volume 15: Madness? This is Celestial Being!
    • Chapter I: Virtuous Sunshine
    • Chapter II: Celestial Being
    • Chapter III: Madness!? This is Insanity!
  • Volume 16: Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
    • Chapter I: Up, Up, Up!
    • Chapter II: Maroonity, Part III
  • Volume 17: Resolutions
    • Chapter I: CRAP
    • Chapter II: Apocalypse
    • Chapter III: Resolutions!
  • Volume 18: The Bastion
    • Chapter I: International Insanity
    • Chapter II: Bastion
    • Chapter III: The Loud Bughouse
    • Chapter IV: Nemesis
  • Volume 19: Calm Before the Storm
    • Chapter I: Watch Out World!: The New Teen Titans
    • Chapter II: Little Penguinz and Uniticans
  • Volume 20: The Raging Storm
    • Chapter I: The Echelon Formation
    • Chapter II: Rubber Ducky Invasion
    • Chapter III: War on the Hall of Odin
  • Volume 21: Calm After the Storm
    • Chapter I: Sneetches With Stars Upon Thars
    • Chapter II: Realm of Random Insanity
    • Chapter III: Tea Party!
  • Volume 22: Additional Pylons Constructed
    • Chapter I: Silence
    • Chapter II: The Commonwealth
    • Chapter III: Roots of Yggdrasil
  • Volume 23: Corporate Expansion
    • Chapter I: The Corporation
    • Chapter II: Reconstruction
    • Chapter III: Maroonity: Angels and the Apocalypse
  • Volume 24: Spreading Insanity all Over the Brain (Coming Soon)
    • Chapter I: Spreading Insanity all Over the World
    • Chapter II: Viridian Bacon
    • Chapter III: Maroonity in the Brain
  • Volume 25: Light Dragon War (Coming Soon)
    • Chapter I: Noise
    • Chapter II: Maroonity: The Immortal Soul
    • Chapter III: Purple Blood
    • Chapter IV: Extinguishing the Light
    • Chapter V: Argent Dragons
  • Volume 26 (Coming Soon)
    • Chapter I: Breakfast at Cactuar's
    • Chapter II: The Shadow of Insanity Spreads
    • Chapter III: Sol Power
    • Chapter IV: The Bastion Falls
  • Volume 27 (Coming Soon)
    • Chapter I: Enlivening the World Even More!
    • Chapter II: Brunch at Cactuar's
    • Chapter III: Imperium Maroonica
    • Chapter IV: The Bastion Reborn
  • Volume 28 (Coming Soon)
    • Chapter I: Three Years of SuperFriendship
    • Chapter II: A Tearful Farewell

Volume 1: BeginningsEdit

Chapter I: RI, let us conquer LUE, Chapter II: Random Insanity
July — August 2006
RI, let's conquer LUE

RI, let us conquer LUE.

The Random Insanity Alliance was founded on July 23/24, 2006. A day or so before this Shadow Legolas created a topic on the Random Insanity message board on It was topic number 29483920 and it's title was "RI, let us conquer LUE". This topic introduced CyberNations to RI and how LUE had an alliance in the game. After this introduction Shyox came up with the idea to create a RI Alliance. Soon after this a meeting place was made on an uninhabited GameFAQs board where discussions were held and eventually later that night an InvisionFree forum for the alliance was created. Somewhat of a rivalry has existed in the past between various GameFAQs social boards and this caused various RIers to bind together to form the alliance. While the alliance's original intent was to defeat the LUEnited Nations, this goal quickly dissipated due to the large strength difference between the two alliances and so due to this, among other reasons, the RIAers moved on survive and grow on Planet Bob. Throughout the alliance's first month or so, it's existence was kept a secret.

Volume 2: Life, the Universe, and EverythingEdit

Chapter I: 42, Chapter II: War Making Tyrants, Chapter III: Allied Guardians
September 2006

Flag of the LUEnited Nations

Due to their history from GameFAQs, it was feared that LUE may want to destroy the RIA. At the beginning of September 2006 four LUE nations attacked the current leader and founder of the RIA at the time, Shyox, threating the RIA for money and about disbandment. It was later found that these nations were rouges acting without the backing of the LUEnited Nations. After this was found out these nations were attacked by members of the RIA and various other nations from the International Communist Party, LUEnited Nations, and R.O.C.K. alliance throughout the incident. These rouges were also reported to The Legion's Peacekeeping Corps and some aid was sent to some of the members of the RIA. During the following day a couple of more nations attacked, all carrying the LUEnited Nations affiliation. Government officials from LUE attempted to reason with these rouges and explain that this was CyberNations and not GameFAQs but they would not listen and thus LUE placed them on their free attack list. It was later discovered that the rogues were coordinating their attacks from LUElinks, a spinoff site of GameFAQs. This rogue incident was the first announcement of the RIA's existence on Planet Bob and diplomatic relations with other alliances were opened. After this incident the RIA began to become friends with a fellow maroon alliances known as the Team Allied Guardians Alliance. Due to this the RIA entered it's first war, with TAGA, against the War Making Tyrants. The friendship between the two alliances cumulated at the end of the month with the announcement of The Insanity Doctrine, a Mutual Defense and Aggression Pact and the RIA's first treaty. The treaty was, however, short lived due to the subsequent merger and collapse of TAGA and the Maroon Allied Guardians.

Volume 3: EmergenceEdit

Chapter I: Maroon, Chapter II: Neutrality
October 2006 — February 2007

Mission Statement

After this incident and their announcement of existence to Planet Bob the RIA slowly grew and mostly stayed out of the political spotlight. Several members of the RIA were active on the maroon team board on the forums causing the alliance to be known among other maroon alliances and members. The RIA slowly gained new members and strength but stayed a smaller scale alliance for some time. Neutrality was declared throughout the several wars that happened in this time period such as the Maroon War and the Second Great War. The RIA also decided to stay rather independent for some time, only signing NAPs and protecting several smaller alliances until around February 2007.

Volume 4: Maroon Defense CoalitionEdit

Chapter I War, Chapter II: The Cheese Senator
March — April 2007

For more information see: RIA-MDC War


Flag of the Maroon Defense Coalition

Starting sometime in March the RIA received information that the Maroon Defense Coalition was planning to attack them. Due to this and the outbreak of the Third Great War the RIA declared war on the Maroon Defense Coalition, starting the RIA-MDC War. The MDC's side of the story was that information the RIA received was false and was released to root out a spy within the Coalition. The RIA and MDC fought from the night of March 23, 2007 until April 3, 2007 when peace was announced. The terms of peace were that the RIA would never have cheeseaholic as their maroon team senate bid due to sanctions imposed on MDC nations during the war. A sum of $60,000,000 was also agreed to be given to the MDC in payment to the nations harmed by the sanctions. Due to this cheeseaholic decided he would pay this debt himself.

Volume 5: WingmanEdit

Chapter I: Growth, Chapter II: Farkistan, Chapter III: Treaties
April — July 2007

After the conclusion of the MDC War the RIA continued to slowly grow and become more powerful. The ravaged nations were rebuilt throughout the peace. Near the end of the month of April, Farkistan received peace terms from Gen[m]ay but were still at war with the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving. The terms of this peace were that Farkistan had to send Gen[m]ay $6,000,000 every month for three months. The RIA began discussing the possibly of paying off these reparations to Gen[m]ay for Farkistan. A vote was held and the idea was unanimously accepted but before it could be done both GOONS and Genmay had to be talked to. The idea was discussed with GOONS and was agreed upon as long as aid flowed directly from RIA to Genmay and not through Farkistan. It however, did not happen as Genmay refused the offer, saying that Farkistan must pay for its own reparations and they would not accept the aid from any nation not in Farkistan. Some time later a PIAT was signed with the Maroon Defense Coalition due to the respect each alliance gained towards one another during the war. About two months later Farkistan received peace from the GOONS and the RIA sent aid to their nations for they could rebuild. In the month following this the RIA signed three more PIATs; the Rolling-Your-Head-On-The-Keyboard PIAT with Norden Verein, the Wingman Accords with Farkistan, and one with the Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies. Also the You-Can-Tell-When-The-RIA-Didn't-Make-It Pact (a non-aggression pact) was signed with The Phoenix Collective. In the following month of July even more treaties were signed; a treaty of amity was signed with the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization although it was canceled a couple of weeks later due to a couple of issues. Also during the month four more PIATs were signed: the Kids in the Sandbox Pact with the Auxiliary Army, the Nobody Expects the Plainville Treat Inquisition! with the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving, the Buttsecks in the Dark...Ages Pact with the Order of Feudalistic Security, and the Fayt x Maria Treaty with the Mushroom Kingdom. A ToA was also signed with the Imperial Assault Alliance. Towards the end of the month the RIA was also admitted into the Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense.

Volume 6: The Grand UnionEdit

Chapter I: Entry, Chapter II: Collapse
August 2007

For more information see: Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense and Breakup of GUARD

Guard multibanner4.1

Final banner of GUARD

On July 31, 2007 it was officially announced that the RIA became a signatory of the Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense. The Grand Union, at the time of the RIA's entry, was an independent bloc composed of the Atlantic Shadow Confederation, the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, the North Atlantic Defense Coalition, Sparta, The Templar Knights, and the United Sovereign Nations. They had applied around two months before then and learned about the decision a few days before the said date. They were voted in by 5 out of the 6 signatory alliances while the 6th CSN abstained as their leader was out of town at the time. On the August 29, 2007 the RIA announced it was leaving GUARD being one the last of two alliances left within it. GUARD became effectively disbanded with the RIA's leave. During this time period of August the RIA also signed three other treaties; a PIAT with Cool Rats and People (now known as the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers; the Undersea Randomness Pact (a PIAT) with Atlantis, and a protectoRIte pact (The Spootland-Just-Got-A-Whole-Lot-Secksier Act) with the Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies of which the RIA also had a PIAT with.

Volume 7: SuperFriendsEdit

Chapter I: Super Friends, Chapter II: Highway of the Unjust, Chapter III: Poll of the Day, Chapter IV: Acceptance of GOD
September — November 2007

For more information see: The SuperFriends and The Unjust War


Following the Breakup of GUARD, the RIA along with Farkistan and the Atlantic Shadow Confederation began discussions to form a new bloc, one of mutual friendship and trust. The result of these discussions made these alliances the founding members of The SuperFriends, was announced on September 7, 2007. In the Hall of Justice, Farkistan became Aquaman, the Atlantic Shadow Confederation became Batman, and the Random Insanity Alliance became the Wonder Twins. Several days later, on September 12, 2007, during The Unjust War the SuperFriends were launched into their first war together. The Random Insanity Alliance along with The SuperFriends at the time, Farkistan and the Atlantic Shadow Confederation, went to war with the Grand Global Alliance due to the Atlantic Shadow Confederation's treaty obligations with the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving. During the war the RIA, and the SuperFriends as a whole, did rather well in that it gained instead of losing any Nation Strength. On September 17, 2007 peace was declared between the two waring sides. About a month later on October 15, 2007 is was announced that the remainder of the PoTD Alliance, created by users from the Poll Of The Day message board on GameFAQs, was merging into the RIA. This merger propelled the RIA to its next milestone of over 300 members and over 2.5 million Nation Strength. Shortly after this milestone, however, admin changed the tech formula in a game update which caused the RIA to drop back down to a little below 2.1 million Nation Strength. Since then a new signatory has been voted in and joined The SuperFriends, this new member being The Global Order Of Darkness.

Volume 8: RagnarökEdit

Chapter I: Asplosion, Chapter II: The Great Purge, Chapter III: Ragnarok, Chapter IV: Maroonity, Chapter V: RIvival
November 2007 — February 2008

In the months following the Unjust War, the RIA began a RIcruitment drive. This drive ended up being a large success due to the outstanding work of several members and due to it the RIA maxed out it's membership at around 370 nations. However, on November 28 something happened which came to be known as the Asplosion or RIAsplosion in which several high-strength high-profile members of the RIA left the alliance due to various reasons. Among those that left were three government members which left voids in several positions until the regularly scheduled elections several days later. This event also coincided with a large number of inactive nations purging over time until the RIA leveled out back near 280 members in mid-January 2008. Since the asplosion several of the members who left have since returned to the alliance and even though the RIA experienced a large drop in total nations, it's nation strength and average nation strength have continued to increase while it's score has been leveling out at around 11. In regards to treaties a new member alliance, Ragnarok, was admitted to the SuperFriends towards the end of January and the "lol, Maroonity" treaty was announced near the end of the month. The treaty was in the work for awhile as an attempt to start to realize the idea of maroonity in maroon once again. The treaty ended up a large success with twelve total signatories, including basically all of the larger maroon alliances along with several smaller ones. Throughout the month of February the RIA began a RIvival and finally started to break free from its score stagnation and loss of members; RIA membership leveled out near 250 members and the RIA's score first increased to near 11.50 and then moved closer to 12.

Volume 9: End of the New World OrderEdit

Chapter I: Leap Day Offensive, Chapter II: Fall of the New World Order
February — March 2008

For more information see: Illuminati War

Towards the end of February 2008, it was discovered the Illuminati (TWNO/The New World Order) was plotting against several of its allies including the New Pacific Order and the Continuum. Due to this and an earlier incident with Invicta along with this the Common Defense Treaty decided it was time for war. Ragnarok, one of the SuperFriends and a member of the Common Defense Treaty, requested the SuperFriends help in the matter. The vote for war among the alliances of the SuperFriends passed and the SuperFriends prepared for war. On the final day of February, the RIA along with the SuperFriends and various alliances of the Common Defense Treaty declared war and launched a coordinated attack against the Illuminati. The war went smoothly due to the combined force against the Illuminati. Their strength and membership quickly fell with many nations surrendering. On March 19 is was announced that all POWs who have complied with terms were released and allowed to move on to other alliances. On March 28 it was announced that the Illuminati, now but a small shell of their former size, had agreed to surrender terms. With this surrender the war was concluded. A couple of months later due to various incidents and the breaking of several terms Ragnarok re-declared upon the remaining Illuminati, starting the Second Illuminati War. However, due to their size Ragnarok did not need assistance in the war.

Volume 10: Making the Impossible - PossibleEdit

Chapter I: Maroonity, Part II, Chapter II: Walnut Bark, Chapter III: Battle for King Srqt's Soul
April — May 2008

Maroon Team Banner

At the beginning of April the RIA announced it had finally reached 3,000,000 Nation Strength. However due to changes with the nation strength system, shortly after this achievement the RIA's strength dropped back to around 2,700,000. The RIA continued to grow throughout the month gaining several new recruits. At the end of the month a new treaty was announced, the Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon, a great step for Maroonity, the pact was an Optional Defense and Aggression Pact signed by nine of the larger maroon alliances. In the following month of may the RIA continued to regain it's former strength and began to level out at around 240 nations. It was in this month that along with the announcement of how to properly cook Walnut Bark, a PIAT with Element, the Trojan Pact was announced. Several days after this PIAT a battle for a soul was announced; Emperor Whimical vs. Dilber for King_Sqrt's soul. Although the battle became someone hyped up it ended up not happening and thus King_Sqrt's soul was lost to the Viridian Entente.

Volume 11: Elements of InsanityEdit

Chapter I: Maroon Blood, Chapter II: Upgraded Elements
June 2008

Flag of Element

Throughout following month the RIA continued to grow and rapidly approach 3 million nation strength for the second time in its history. The membership of the alliance also began to increase again and stay above 240 nations due to new strategies for RIcruitment. Near the beginning of the month, the United Sovereign Nations received white peace from their combatants in the GATO-1V War. Due to this the RIA decided to organize money to send to USN for they could rebuild. Starting on June 7, the RIA began to send aid to USN nations that needed it. Shortly after this, in an unrelated move, the RIA and Element upgraded their PIAT to a Mutual Defense Pact, the third such non-bloc military pact since the RIA's founding and it's only active one at the time it was signed. For the remainder the of the month the RIA continued to grow and fluctuate around 3 million nation strength.

Volume 12: Florida in the PacificEdit

Chapter I: Relocation of Florida, Chapter II: Two Years of Random Insanity
July 2008

As the month of July began, the Pacifica-Polaris Dispute expanded greatly into public view leading to many announcements of support for the New Pacific Order and the New Polar Order throughout the planet. It was during this time that the RIA and NPO finally announced their treaty which had been signed and completed several days earlier. The RIA issued support for Pacifica (the New Pacific Order) in these unstable times and announced their new treaty, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact entitled I Knew I Was Forgetting Something. In the following week another declaration of support was issued (jointly with the Global Order of Darkness, Ragnarok, and The Templar Knights) for Monos Archein due to internal issues and the formation of the splinter alliance Aurora Borealis. Around three weeks later the RIA announced two new ProtectoRItes, Troy and the Grand Central Agency, both of which did not survive the following month. As the month of July came to a close it was announced that the Random Insanity Alliance had turned two years old.

Volume 13: Siberian Tiger WarEdit

Chapter I: Shadow of Azural, Chapter II: Rest and Relaxation, Chapter III: Football League of Siberian Tigers
August — September 2008

For more information see: War of the Coalition (RIA-STA War, LEN-RIA War, OTF-RIA War)

Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance

Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance

As the month of August began the RIA announced, for the first time in several months, the election results for the RIA's Twenty-fourth Cabinet along with the Third RIA Awards Ceremony. Several days after this on August 6, Azural a long-time member, Triumvir, and maroon team senator of the RIA announced his resignation from his position, the alliance, and Planet Bob. Due to this emergency Triumvir elections were called and Shadow was elected as his replacement. Around the same time as this was going on it was announced on the 10th of August that R&R had been inducted into the SuperFriends as the Green Lantern, bringing the SuperFriends back up to five alliances. The next day an Optional Defense Pact was announced with the International States of Solidarity and Freedom. Shortly after this Planet Bob began to break out in a large state of war. Due to treaty obligations the RIA declared war upon the Siberian Tiger Alliance on August 15. In retaliation to the attack the following night the League of Extraordinary Nations and the OTF Alliance declared war upon the RIA. Shortly after the SuperFriends recognized a state of war with both LEN and OTF due to their attacks. Around two days later Element also began to engage OTF nations that had attacked RIA nations. The first alliance of these three to surrender was OTF who surrendered on the 21st. Three days following this the League also surrendered. The STA, however, did not end up receiving peace until September 11 when the RIA's role in the conflict came to end with STA's surrender. With the announcement of the STA's surrender terms the RIA made clear to them that they were waiving their portion of the reparations mentioned in the terms.

Volume 14: Teen TitansEdit

Chapter I: Drunken Moth, Chapter II: Tune and Biscuit Night, Chapter III: The Brave and the Bold
October 2008

In the weeks following the conclusion of the War of the Coalition, the RIA fluctuated in strength and membership staying around 3,000,000 nation strength and between 150-200 nations. With the start of the new month, DrunkWino became a member of the Triumvirate after winning in the end of the month elections. He replaced Moth, a long time member of government, who had announced his intention to retire and not run for re-election. A couple of days later The Randomly Armed Treaty, a Peace, Aid, Intelligence and Optional Defense Pact with the Armed Coalition of Valor was announced. As the month moved froward the RIA re-reached three million nation strength for around the third time after fluctuating below it for the prior two months. On October 11, DrunkWino decreed that the night of October 11 was now to be known as Tuna and Biscuit night. After several weeks of thought and work the Teen Titans, a Mutual Defense and Aggression Pact between the Armed Coalition of Valor, the International Protection Agency, and The Order of Halsa was announced. These three alliances had been friends and allies of multiple SuperFriend alliances for sometime so a bond was created between them and the SuperFriends. While the treaty was a MADP between the three alliances, it also contained a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact between the member alliance of the Teen Titans and the member alliances of the SuperFriends. As the month came to a close a Peace, Aid, and Intelligence Treaty was announced with Apocalypse.

Volume 15: Madness!? This is Celestial Being!Edit

Chapter I: Virtuous Sunshine, Chapter II: Celestial Being, Chapter III: Madness? This is Insanity!!
November 2008


The next several week were a rather quiet time for the RIA. For the first half of November the RIA just continued to grow, have fun, and work internally. It wasn't until November 18 that the RIA made its first announcement of the new month. During the collapse of BLEU the RIA announced it was declaring war (Operation Virtuous Sunshine) upon the Virtuoso micro-alliance. Virtuoso became known to the world several days previous due to their raiding of the Prism Protection Front. In the war the RIA was joined in the war by a member nation of The Global Order of Darkness, Doitzel of the Vox Populi, and a member nation of the micro-alliance WWC. The war lasted around a week until the first wave of attacks faded away and Virtuoso was forgotten once again. Several days after the war started it was announced that the RIA had reached 20,000 average nation strength for the first time in its history. A day later the RIA announced it had found the true meaning of Thanksgiving as Celestial Being merged into its ranks, greatly increasing the RIA's strength and nuclear stockpile. Later that night The "Madness?? THIS...IS...INSANITY!!!" Treaty, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with Sparta was announced, binding the two alliances together with a 48 year cancellation clause.

Volume 16: Chestnuts Roasting On An Open FireEdit

Chapter I: Up, Up, Up!, Chapter II: Maroonity, Part III
December 2008

With the Celestial Being merger finally complete the RIA's nation strength, average nation strength, score, and nuclear weapon count had each greatly increased in number and continued to increase throughout the following months bringing an end to the stagnation which had plagued the alliance in the month previous to it. On December 11, The Insanely LOUD Treaty, an Optional Defense Pact between the RIA and the League of United Defense, was announced. For the remainder of December the RIA remained mostly quiet and continued to grow and gain new membership with the help of a new recruiter who had entered the alliance through the merger with Celestial Being. As 2008 came to a close the maroon team came together and announced the Chestnut Accords, a Mutual Defense Bloc between each of the major maroon alliances (the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, the Global Order of Darkness, Monos Archein, the Random Insanity Alliance, The Order of Halsa, The Templar Knights, and the United Sovereign Nations). The Accords were a large step forward for maroonity and also announced with them was the Maroon Economic Pact, an Optional Defense and Economic Pact created for smaller alliances and protectorates could also take part in maroonity. The first signatories of this pact, other than those of the Chestnut Accords, were the Arrow of Chiron and Through Yggdrasil's Roots. Several days after this the RIA announced it's most recent election results and government for the first month of new year and also an Optional Defense Pact, titled Socialistic Insanity, with the Socialistic Empire.

Volume 17: ResolutionsEdit

Chapter I: CRAP, Chapter II: Apocalypse, Chapter III: Resolutions!
January 2009

As the new year opened up the RIA saw the growth and gain a number of friendships and treaties as well as a steady increase of new members and strength. The first of such new treaties was the Random Viridian News, a Protocols for Espionage and Armed Conflict Eradication treaty, with the Viridian Entente which was announced several days into the new year. The following day the "I don't want to read a book, Mom" Accords, a Peace, Aid, and Intelligence Treaty with Through Yggdrasil's Roots, an alliance which was in part founded by a long time friend and former member of the RIA Lanna, was announced. Maintaining the treaty streak the "CRAPwow! You'll be saying wow every time" treaty, an upgrade of the CRAP ProtectoRIte Agreement with the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP), was announced the next day. After these were all announced there was a slight break in the treaty announcements for several days before the announcement of the Barrel of Awesome Marks, an Optional Defense Pact with the Republic of Allied Defenses. A week later the "wtf is this?" Pact, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with Apocalypse and an upgrade of the The "Huggle free is the way to be" Pact, was announced. As the month came to a close there was one final announcement. On January 29, 2009 it was announced that Monos Archein has been inducted into The SuperFriends as Wonder Women.

Volume 18: The BastionEdit

Chapter I: International Insanity, Chapter II: Bastion, Chapter III: The Loud Bughouse, Chapter IV: Nemesis
February 2009
  • 5 bastion-1

    Bastion Banner

Several days after the inclusion of Monos Archein into the SuperFriends, the RIA issued a warning out to Planet Bob, stating that "Sometimes Random Insanity is fun. Sometimes, however, it plunges deep into the depths of the human psyche, digging up the most ruthless and vile of humanity. You know who you are. You know what your doing. and you should know, You're going to have hell itself unleashed upon you. Have a wonderful day." While it was not made completely clear in the announcement, this warning was issued due to repeated spy attacks upon RIA nations. Around a week after this it was announced that the Socialistic Insanity treaty, an Optional Defense Pact which was originally signed with the Socialistic Empire, had been upgraded. This new pact was called Socialistic Insanity 2.0: International Insanity and was a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with The International, an alliance formed through a merger of the Socialistic Empire, the Communist Party of CyberNations, and remnants of The Righteous Fist. A couple of days later a Peace, Aid, and Intelligence Treaty, written entirely in wingdings, called Sun Hand Peace Mailbox Thumbs up Box Frame Square Daimond Mini-daimond (RIA-Cronus) was announced with Cronus. This treaty however would not last a month due to their decision to later disband due to inactivity. The Bastion MDP bloc, the name of which was taken from a Tattler entry, was announced next and was between the RIA, Ragnarok, and the Viridian Entente. As the month moved forward, two more treaties were announced, The Bughouse Pact, a Mutual Defense Pact with the 57th Overlanders, and Funktuar likes it LOUD, a Mutual Defense Pact with the League of United Defense. The first treaty was an upgrade of the The Voices Told Me To... treaty, a PIAT originally signed with the 57th under their first name, the Hegemony of Periphery States, back in June 2008. The second treaty was an upgrade of The Insanely LOUD Treaty, a Optional Defense Pact, signed in December 2008. The final treaty announcement of February and the end of the RIA's recent treaty backlog came with a new alliance, Nemesis. Nemesis, an alliance which was founded with the help of Van Hoo III, a former SuperFriend and Emperor of Ragnarok, officially announced it's existence on February 20, 2009. With its declaration of existence The Absolut Shenanigans Treaty, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact, was also announced. Two days later the official forums and IRC channel of Bastion were revealed to Planet Bob.

Volume 19: Calm Before the StormEdit

Chapter I: Watch Out World!: The New Teen Titans, Chapter II: Little Penguinz and Uniticans
March 2009 — mid-April 2009

Following the large number of announcements in the previous month, March became a comparatively quiet month for the RIA. On March 11 it was announced that Apocalypse and the Ascended Republic of Elite States had been accepted into the Teen Titans. Sometime after this the RIA was mentioned in an special edition of This Week in Pacifica titled This Week in Everywhere in a small article about a recent discussion of surrender terms that was given to them. On March 21, after the re-formation of the Alliance of Powerful Penguinz it was mentioned that the RIA would be their protector. This was officially announced the next day with the Random Insane Penguinz treaty. Following this announcement the "We don't need no stinking flags!" ProtectoRIte Agreement, a protectorate treaty with The Unitican Empire, was also announced. The UAE later changed it's name to The Unitican Federation. The protectorate pact and the UAE itself were short lived however as they soon decided to merge into the Union of Integrated National Entities. Relations continued over to this new alliance, however, and within a month an Optional Defense Pact entitled the "Multi-Coloured Right Handed Headless Chicken" Pact was announced.

Volume 20: The Raging StormEdit

Chapter I: The Echelon Formation, Chapter II: Rubber Ducky Invasion, Chapter III: War on the Hall of Odin
mid-April 2009 — mid-May 2009 (+excerpt from July 2009)

On April 20, 2009 the New Pacific Order and the Order of Righteous Nations declared war upon Ordo Verde sparking one of the largest global conflicts in the history of the Cyberverse, the Karma War. After months of rumors of war it had finally occurred. The RIA and it's nations began preparing for this probable conflict months previous after word came that the Grämlins were planning on leaving The Continuum. When plans leaked that TORN may be attacking Order Verde, a close ally of the Viridian Entente and the Global Order of Darkness, an ally and SuperFriend, the RIA canceled it's long standing PIAT with TORN. This action was followed by GOD and several other alliances also canceling their treaties with TORN. After this negotiations began between various leadership of the involved alliances, including OV, VE, TORN, Valhalla, NPO, and later TOP as a mediator. During one of these negotiations the NPO and TORN attacked Orde Verde, sparking the war and causing many of its allies to cancel their treaties with them. TORN withdrew from the conflict the following day due to a perceived betrayal by the NPO when it tried to attain a ceasefire for itself without speaking first to TORN. A couple of days later, on April 23, the Random Insanity Alliance entered the conflict by declaring war upon Echelon for their declaration of war against those attacking NPO, which included two SuperFriends, R&R and Ragnarok. In response to this, the following day, the Rubber Ducky Division declared war upon the RIA. The 57th Overlanders, a long standing friend and ally of the RIA, along with their allies in the Nexus, the League of Extraordinary Nations, the OTF Alliance, and the Coalition of Independent Nations, and the Federation responded by declaring war upon the Rubber Ducky Division on April 25. Several days into the conflict the Alliance of Powerful Penguinz, a protectoRIte of the RIA also declared war upon Echelon. As the month came to a close the RIA also declared war upon Valhalla via The SuperFriends with Fark who had declared to assist Umbrella. The following day one of the RIA's wars came to an end when the Rubber Ducky Division surrendered with white peace to the combined forces against it. A little over a week later, on May 10, it was announced that Valhalla had surrendered to the forces arranged against it, including the RIA, leaving the RIA only at war with Echelon. Though with only sporadic fighting due to the majority of their nations remaining in peace mode for extended periods of time this war lasted the longest in RIA's history until Echelon's surrender was finally agreed and accepted by all parties and announced on July 5.

Volume 21: Calm After the StormEdit

Chapter I: Sneetches With Stars Upon Thars, Chapter II: Realm of Random Insanity, Chapter III: Tea Party!
May 2009

C&G - SF Tea Party Commemorative Signature

With the surrender of Valhalla on May 10, the Random Insanity Alliance saw the end of its major hostilities in the Karma War. While the war with Echelon was still ongoing, it consisted of only sporadic fighting for the rest of its duration with many of Echelon's nations in peace mode or engaging other alliances. A week after this it was announced that Rapture, an alliance which migrated to the maroon sphere in the previous months, had been accepted into the Maroon Economic Pact and the Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon. Shortly after this it was also announced that the RIA's Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty with the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, a long time friend and sphere-mate of the RIA, had been upgraded to a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact entitled the Sneetches With Stars Upon Thars Treaty. Several days later a Mutual Defense Pact with the Realm entitled the Realm of Random Insanity was announced. The Alliance of Powerful Penguinz, a protectoRIte of the RIA, merged into the Realm several days before this new treaty was announced. As the month began to come to a close it was announced that the RIA had upgraded it's Mutual Defense Pact with the League of United Defense to a Mutual Defense and Optional Defense Pact. On the final day of the month the C&G - SF Tea Party began early into the day and grew to be a massively popular event between the member alliances of the Complaints and Grievances Union and the SuperFriends as well as several of foreign dignitaries. Near the end of this day a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty with the Shadow Confederacy, entitled The Bedlam Agreement was also announced along with the RIA's Thirty-second Cabinet.

Volume 22: Additional Pylons ConstructedEdit

Chapter I: Silence, Chapter II: Construct Additional Pylons!, Chapter III: Roots of Yggdrasil
June 2009 — August 2009

The following month was a rather quiet one until a little after a week into it the United Sovereign Nations announced that they would be withdrawing from the Chestnut Accords, which united all of the larger maroon alliances in mutual defense. Other than a notice about inactive embassies the RIA's only other official announcement for the month included two new treaties. A little over half way through the month the RIA announced that it had signed a ProtectoRIte pact with the Four Horsemen, an alliance in which one of the founders was a former RIAer from nearly two years previous. In the same announcement a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty with the Greenland Republic was also announced. Around half way into the next month the New Pacific Order announced that it had canceled their Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with the RIA which had reverted to a Non-Aggression Pact throughout the Karma War due to both alliances being on opposite sides of the conflict. Several days after this it was announced that the RIA had upgraded their PIAT with Silence, which was originally with the League of Extraordinary Nations and which had carried over after they merged with the OTF Alliance, to a Mutual Defense Pact titled the Even More Insane Shared Insanity Pact. As the month came to a close it was announced that the Random Insanity Alliance had turned three years old on July 23/24, 2009. As the month of August began the Thirty-third Cabinet of the RIA was announced, though it happened to be exactly the same as the previous, alongside the fact the RIA had decided to cancel The Absolut Shenanigans Treaty, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with Nemesis, due to lack of communication. Several days later it was announced that the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, a long time sphere-mate and friend of the RIA, had been inducted into the SuperFriends as the Flash increasing the number of SuperFriends to seven. Several days later it was announced that Asgaard has been admitted into the Maroon Economic Pact. On August 9, Valhalla announced that it had completed it's surrender terms from the Karma War and had returned to being a sovereign alliance. The rest of the month of August was a quiet one until it was announced that Through Yggdrasil's Roots had been inducted into the Teen Titans as Pyrsm. On the final day of August it was announced that the Maroon Economic Pact had expanded to include four more alliances: the Soldiers of Liberty, the Brain, the Other Side, and the (second) Republic.

Volume 23: Corporate ExpansionEdit

Chapter I: The Corporation, Chapter II: Reconstruction, Chapter III: Maroonity: Angels and the Apocalypse
September 2009 — November 2009

The next several months were rather quiet for the RIA. After the conclusion of the first week of September it was announced that the RIA's former optional defense pact with the Republic of Allied Defenses had been transferred to Bel Air which was formed out a merger of RAD and Internet Superheroes. Several days later the formation of the Corporation was announced as well as Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts with Athens, the Global Order of Darkness, and the RIA. The Corporation was formed by former members the Armed Coalition of Valor, a former Teen Titan, as well as from other various alliances including SWAT128, a former RIAer. Around half way through the month it was announced that the RIA had re-reached four million nation strength. The first time the RIA reached this strength level was due to military build-up at the very beginning of the Karma War. As the month came to a close it was announced that the Angelic Sanctuary, a protectorate of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, and the Four Horsemen, a protectoRIte of the RIA, were both admitted into the Maroon Economic Pact. As the new month began the Thirty-fourth Cabinet of the RIA was announced with the first RIA Election Tale known as A Day in the Life of Cactuar and Funktuara. The next public announcement from the RIA wasn't until the very end of November when the Thirty-fifth Cabinet of the RIA was announced with the second RIA Election Tale tale known as Pastrycide. During these few months the RIA grew from around 3,800,000 nation strength to around 4,700,000 nation strength, a net gain of nearly a million nation strength.

Government HistoryEdit

Main article: Government of the Random Insanity Alliance
First & Second ConstRItution

Third ConstRItution

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