The Cascadian Republic
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The Cascadian Republic was born from two people Zhukov and Renoava. Although the establishment is credited to many more such as Runs with manbearpig and Naiin, the initial idea and building starting out with those two friends.
Longing to start it on his own after his return, Renoava approached Zhukov with the proposal to start their own alliance. Zhukov accepted, and offered Renoava a look at past constitutions Zhukov had written. A recently written one, one the "Cascadian Republic" was agreed upon as the constitution for the new government on April 2, 2008.
The first Cascadian Government was formed, strictly as a provisional government, it was constructed by Zhukov from the advise of Renoava on who to appoint to what. By April 4, a forums was built and the alliance was soon off its feet and had just began its way to establishment. It is credited that the appointment of the Premier (and thus the filling of the Central Executive Committee) and the finishing of the boards as the establishment of the alliance. April 5, 2008.

Mordecai, a member from the Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies was approached by us from the recommendation of Reichfuhrer (now Prince Paul of Yugoslavia). Talks of a protectorate between SPAAA and Cascadia. On April 7 the provisional government agreed to a proposal of an agreement between the alliances, and on April 10 it was relayed back to SPAAA for legislation. SPAAA had initially agreed to the protectorate, but its governing officials were inactive in signing the document, a must in passing legislation in that alliance. On April 18, the Cascadian Republic declared it would be withdrawing from the protectorate offer since SPAAA failed to meet its promised deadline of April 15 and that it had been one week since the treaty had been approved and sent to SPAAA for legislation. That same day, April 18, it was discussed with the New Polar Order for a possible protectorate deal. Quickly approved by the Cascadian Republic, it was relayed back to the NpO where it is still being determined if it will pass or be rejected. Polaris eventually rejected it, due to the alliance already having been stretched thin due to too many protectorates. For a third try, on April 21, the Siberian Tiger Alliance was turned to for a possible deal. Renoava had connections with Tygaland, founder, former Supreme Chancellor, and current legislator in the STA. He returned with good news on April 23, an overall approval from the STA legislature and a treaty draft. It was then that both legislatures (Councilium Tigris, Cascadian Senate respectively) began the voting process. At the CR, the act was quickly passed. The results from the STA are yet to be known.

Finally agreed upon on April 24, the protectorate treaty went into affect. The Cascadian Republic was officially founded and its AA established.

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