Hippoland is a proud nation and a Legion member. Ruled by King Hippo III, supreme ruler and dictator of hippoland, the nation has flourished since its creation on 12/6/06. Hippoland is known as a sanctuary for all things hippoful.

The nation of Moria, ruled by Styiez, has sworn everlasting vengeance upon hippoland for defeating it in a one-on one war before Hippoland's entry into the proud ranks of the legion. Hippoland in the end won more wars, and surpassed Moria in NS and took much of Moria's land.

Hippoland is a strong and proud nation that believes in the power of friendship but also in the power of war. As a relatively young nation, Hippoland has seen numerous wars.

Hippoland stood tall in the face of the Initiative aggressors in the Third Great War. Hippoland rebounded quickly after the war and became a larger and prosperous nation, growing greatly every day. Hippoland had surpassed prewar strength within a week despite extensive fighting against FAN and the NPO during the war.

Hippoland helped the legion in a terror plot to resume the war between Legion and the Initiative.

Hippoland was cruelly attacked by Valhalla while on vacation and returned to find himself almost ZI'd. Hippoland quickly recovered and served in the Unjust War.

Recently King Hippo III was succeeded by Emperor Potamus IV, Emperor of hippoland and Duke of Moria.

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