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The higher education system of Uralica is large and well-funded. It comprises fifty-five institutes of higher education - one state university (with seven current campuses and another eleven planned), one state college, one military college, forty-six other colleges, one technical institute, one general fine-arts college, one yeshiva, and three conservatories.

Uralikan Yliopisto is by far the most prestigious institute of higher education in Uralica and quite possibly the most prestigious in the Ural-Volga area of the Former Soviet Union. Many of Uralica's most famous people have gone through the halls of the grand university, whose main campus is in Syktyvkar but also has satellite campuses in several of Uralica's other cities, most notably a 5000-seater in Perm' which is scheduled for expansion.

The Bolak Corp. Institute of Technology, as the name implies, is completely run by Bolak Corp.. For the most part, it focusses on areas that that particular company specialises in, however it does have a partnership with Uralikan Yliopisto's Faculties of Social Sciences and Engineering because of their programs in Environmental Studies, and Architectural, Electrical, and Computer Engineering.

The centre of musical education in Uralica is The Uralikan Yliopisto School of Music. However, there are three other conservatories, that together with UYSM comprise the membership of the Uralican Board of Musical Education. The Tundra Conservatory in Pechora and the Sibelius Academy of Uralica in Kirov were both founded quite recently and are the other two members. There is also the much older Mussorgsky State Conservatory in Yekaterinburg.

State College of Uralica might not be as prestigious as UY, however it provides a solid education to its students, specialising in many of the important economic fields within Uralica.

There are also a small yeshiva (Jewish seminary) in Berezniki and forty-six other independent colleges, not counting the Uralican Military Academy, which is not mandatory for service in the army however is mandatory for service in other branches of the Uralican Armed Forces (the UAF, ERHDC, and UMC) and also to be eligible for entry into the elite Mindphaser Division. The UVV training facility is kept secret.

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