General Information
Bay of Herkhepîye
Herkhepîye Town
Founding Date 14 December 2006 CE
City preceded by Herkhepîye Town (founding date: 1560s CE)
Province Prosventsia Wietnaniyes (Xánténian : Пřoсvenтсия Wиeтnanијeс)
Basic Information
Area 5.27 km² town
48.19 km² Metro Area
Population 76 (14/05/1007)
Elevation 0-2m
Country Xánténia
Subdivisions 2 boroughs / sectors
Borough Representatives Comrade Representatives : Daniet Maharenh, Zaraq Mushabiq
Most popular Party (ies)/political organisations Xánténian Revolutionary Peasants Party, Wietnaniyes Anarchist Federation
Largest Sovjut (s) Herkhepîye Dockers, Herkhepîyen Transport

Herkhepîye (Xánténian : Heřфeпиje) is the capital of Prosventsia Wietnaniyes (Vietnamese Province) in the Socialist Workers state of Xánténia. On 14 December 2006, Herkhepîye was occupied by Xánténian troops during a war with the neighbouring bourgeois states, the workers of Herkhepîye had always been very militant and understood, and even aided, the Red Brigade in their war. Its name means "Hub of the heroine" (Heřфeп ["Herkhep"]: Hub / Ијe ["îye"]: heroine) in Xánténian. It is believed that the name originated from a famous historical female figure of the region who hailed from the fishing village which later grew to become Herkhepîye.


Early HerkhepîyeEdit

(Xánténian : Ņáчиn Heřфeпиje [Nachin Herkhepîye])


Harbour Residential AreaEdit

Greater Herkhepîye SectorEdit

Commercial HarbourEdit

Naval Harbour (Potemkiners)Edit

Herkhepîye militiaEdit

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