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Capital City Oldham
Official Language(s) English
Demonym British
Established 7/5/2010
(5,128 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Alliance New Polar Order
New Polar Order
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Since 09/08/2015 (3,237 days)
Nation Team Team: White White
Religion None None

Previously known as Comrade Odom (of Iroqussan), and Hereno of Kalar, Hereno is the current ruler of the nation Lancashire, in (the alliance) NpO.

Alliances and Positions[]

  • The Corporation
    • Director of Knowledge (1 Term)
    • Chief Administration Officer (2 Terms)
  • Tetris
    • Administrative Assistant of Recruiting (1 Term)
    • Programmer of Foreign Affairs (5 Terms)
    • Programmer of Game Patent (1 Term)
  • New Sith Order
    • Marauder of Cultivation (Twice)
    • Master of Cultivation (Twice)
    • Sith Lord (Twice)
    • Prophet of the Dark Side

Wars Fought[]