Heosphoros was the name of a nation lead by Luigi Bertolucci, founded in October 2006.

Heosphoros was a member of many alliances, starting with ICON (Imperial Cabal of Nationalists), which became a protectorate of Nordreich in the end of 2006 (later completely assimilated by the Reich). Luigi Bertolucci received the Anti-Partisan Badge from Wartides14, being a veteran of the WWII and of the infamous NoR/Norway affair.

When the first Nordreich dissolved, in 2007, the nation of Heosphoros joined the Green Protection Agency (GPA), where Luigi Bertolucci was promoted to Ambassador to the newly created TOOTLOCAHD (The Order Of The Lord Of Coke And Hot Dogs).

Heosphoros was badly destroyed during the Continuum-GPA War (Woodstock Massacre Veteran), losing its nuclear capabilities and more than 2000 infrastructure points. The nation was tragically deleted for inactivity in 2008.

Luigi Bertolucci, however, is back on CN since 2009. Paying homage to his previous nation, he decided to call himself Heosphoros (after being known as Arghoslent for a period of time). The new nation is called Hesperos, a proud member of the reborn Nordreich.

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