Constituent Country of Großgermania
National Flag
Gott mit uns!
National Anthem
Helvetican Psalm
Capital Lucerne
Official language German, French,
Romansh, Italian
Demonym Helvetican
Government Type
- Governor
Rudolf Urban
Formation 12 December 2008
Time Zone UTC +1

Helvetica is a free land (gebiete) and constituent country of Großgermania. Its territory is the same as that of the Swiss Confederation. It is a National Unionist republic, divided into six provinces (bezirke). It has as its executive officer a Governor, currently Rudolf Urban, appointed by the Emperor with the approval of the Helvetican Congress, the country's political assembly.

The Old Swiss Confederacy was formed in 1291 by the union of several cantons in resistance to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Collapsing following a French invasion in 1798, it was transformed into the Helvetic Republic, with Napoleon, Emperor of the French, assuming the title of 'Mediator'. Following Napoleon's final defeat, Switzerland reformed in a manner similar to its original foundations. In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was formed under a federal constitution. The rise of National Unionism in Switzerland in the early twenty-first century led to its joining of the Association of Germanic States in 2008 and subsequent inclusion as a constituent country of Großgermania.

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