The Hazardous Materials War
Part of the Yin-Yang War
Date August 2nd, 2019 - March 30th, 2020
Casus belli Multiple CB's allegedly committed by Non Grata
Result NPO Coalition Victory
Preceded by
Yin-Yang War

New Pacific Order
Flag of ODN

Flag of NG
Non Grata


The Hazardous Materials War, known to Non Grata supporters as "The AfgNGistan War" is, a war between the New Pacific Order, Independent Republic of Orange Nations and Orange Defense Network against Non Grata, following multiple infractions committed by Non Grata against a multitude of alliances.


Following Non Grata's disbandment on July 13th, 2018 a number of their members remained on the alliance affiliation. Non Grata subsequently involved themselves in a war with Freehold of The Wolves in the Yin-Yang War.


The war commenced on August 2nd, 2019 when the NPO, IRON and ODN declared and commenced attacks on Non Grata for the following:

  • Repeated attempts at poaching our members and/or those of our allies
  • Repeated attempts at getting our members and/or those of our allies to provide your roguery with funding
  • Repeated roguery against ourselves and/or our allies, as well as the global community at large
  • Threatening members of Oculus alliances
  • Interfering as a third faction in and with negotiations for another conflict
  • Unauthorized use of Oculus flag in alliance announcement

At the same time a number of alliances declared Non Grata a rogue entity: Argent, CLAWS, Freehold of The Wolves, Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Independent Republic of Orange Nations, New Pacific Order, New Polar Order, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Orange Defense Network, The Dark Templar, The Grand Lodge of Freemasons, The Legion, Viridian Entente .

Peace TalksEdit

After several weeks of peace deliberations, Non Grata admitted defeat to the NPO Coalition. In the peace terms Non Grata agreed to these terms:

  • 1. NG hereby admits that it acted in a manner unbecoming of a member of the international community through;
  • a. Reneging on an agreement to peace when white peace was offered and agreed upon,
  • b. Repeated attempts at poaching Oculus members and/or those of Oculus’ allies,
  • c. Repeated attempts at getting Oculus members and/or those of Oculus’ allies to provide NG members with funding for rogue operations,
  • d. Repeated rogue operations against Oculus and/or Oculus' allies, as well as the global community at large,
  • e. Threatening members of Oculus alliances,
  • f. Interfering as a third faction in and with negotiations for another conflict,
  • g. Unauthorized use of Oculus flag in an alliance announcement.
  • 2. NG hereby apologises for its violations of the cultural norms as outlined above, and agrees to act in a manner in line with the aforementioned norms.



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