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Merger occurred on/around July 24th, 2021
Flag of Haven

Flag of Haven
Team Color Brown team.gif Brown
Founder(s) Sir Gunz
Founded 4/17/2018
Leader(s) Escanor
Other Officials

Todor Jivkov, Head of War Council
Wardoe, Ambassador and Friendliness Minister

Sir Gunz

link= alliance Statistics as of October 1st, 2020

Total Nations 31
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 37,159
Nukes 239
Rank 34th
Score 7.42

Haven is a medium-sized alliance primarily on the brown team. Haven is a community of sovereign and independent nations, free to choose their own path and provide mutual support and protections.

Alliance History[]

  • Part II

Haven was founded on April 17, 2018, when a group of non-aligned developing nations uniformly banded together to ensure mutual peace, growth, and security. The alliance had no great strength. Initially, almost all nations were developing. They had little experience.

Volunteers were asked to join a leadership team. A Leadership Council was formed almost immediately and titles were assigned. The leader was assigned Guardian Angel and other council members assigned Arch Angel or Avenging Angel.

As a small alliance, a plan was developed to ensure the survival of the ragtag group of inexperienced small nations seeking only to maintain growth and development unencumbered by restrictions. The plan was to work cooperatively with other alliances to bolster Haven against external threats and build member nations quickly through a cohort model.

To ensure safety from external threats, members were asked to avoid wars and remain neutral from inter-alliance politics and conflict. Consistent with the avoidance of politics, the Ally members were encouraged to diversify team colors. Additionally, members of the leadership council were tasked with working with like-minded alliances who were interested in peaceful co-existence.

  • Part III

Cohort Model Members were organized into cohorts. The strength of the cohort model was its strategy to facilitate even growth among commonly situated ally members. Cohorts were organized into groups of 6 nations. The cohort model allowed for trade circles, optimized technology deals and specialization of responsibilities. Each member of the cohort traded with each other on the same color team. Together they created a trade circle and this empowered the entire circle and the cohort.

  • Part IV

External Cooperation Despite many efforts, Haven, as a small and un-established alliance, was unable to reach cooperation agreements until Kashmir extended itself in a hand of friendship. This was soon followed by a friendship with SUN.

  • Part V

5/25/2018: Haven engages in shirkmish with The Norvegiya alliance of Oskan. TNO concedes. Haven declares friendship with Kashmir. Haven declares friendship with State Of Unified Nations (SUN)

12/12/2018: Havens agrees to MDP with COBRA.

1/14/2019: Haven agrees to ODP with Freehold of The Wolves.

3/22/2019: Haven declares its neutrality in the Snake Eyes War.

3/14/2020: Haven agreed to MDA with Ordo Cyberneticus.

3/17/2020: Haven amends Council amends membership rules and restricts membership to approved nations.

5/22/2020: Haven/Cobra engages in military exercises against National Alliance of Arctic Countries/Unaligned for past provocations against Cobra.

6/12/2020: Haven concludes its first victory campaign.

6/21/2020: Haven leadership Council agrees on the initiation of HAND aid plan.

7/21/2020: Haven sets growth goal of 1,000,000 NS

8/30/2020: Haven achieves Growth Goal of 1,041,956 NS

9/3/2020: Haven- What I Need (WIN) Protectorate established.

9/21/2020: Haven declares support for Cobra and Ordo Cyberneticus against King Neptunes Bar; Cobra Permanent War, and Mongoose perceived as rogues

Foreign Relations[]

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