Havana Treaty
Surrender Document of the Caribbean Treaty Organization
Type of treaty Surrender document
Drafted June 14, 2011
- location
June 15, 2011
Havana, Cuba
Effective June 15, 2011
Expiration June 20, 2013
Signatories STOP2 Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and Allies
DR flag Deltoran Republic
Bermuda union Bermuda Union
Flag of JBR United States of JBR
Jamaica Jamaica
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil
Venezuela Venezuela
Grenada Grenada
Cuba Caribbean Treaty Organization
Cuba Cuba
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic
Libya Libya
Haiti Haiti
Cape Verde Cape Verde
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Belize Belize
Honduras Honduras,
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Languages English

The Havana Treaty is a surrender document signed by nations fighting in the Caribbean Theater of the Great Pacific War. It, along with the Treaty of Lima signified a overall end to the Great Pacific War. The treaty allowed STOP occupation forces to provide support to the defeated countries and act as a police force until democratic governments are created.

Text of the TreatyEdit

Article OneEdit

The Caribbean Treaty Organization hereby surrenders unconditionally and admits defeat to the Deltoran/Bermuda Expeditionary Force and simultaneously all other STOP forces, all units on land, sea, and in the air who are at this date, June 17, under control of any state that is a member of the Caribbean Treaty Organization.

Article TwoEdit

In the event of the Caribbean Treaty Organization or any of the forces under their control failing to act in accordance with these surrender terms, the President of the Deltoran Republic and the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Justice Court will take such punitive or other action as they deem appropriate.

Article ThreeEdit

The Deltoran Armed Forces will be deployed to the captured territories formally belonging to CTO to act as a police force until democratic/promcapablic governments are established. This occupation period is limited to three years.

Article FourEdit

The member states of CTO shall take not action of war against any member state of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact until the expiration of this treaty.


From the Deltoran RepublicEdit

Jacobs Sig, President
Andrew Antin, King
Jessica Antin, Queen
David Cabineten, Vice King
Laura Cabineten, Vice Queen
Nathon Carrelson, Vice President
Gregor Hammelson, Secretary of Defence
Henry Nortion, Maritime Forces Commander
Nava Ladmril, Naval Commander
James Ritison, Strategic Air Commander

From the United States of JBREdit

Justin Vuong, President
Jakeb Norton, King
Hayden Painter, Vice President
Wilbur Willow, Vice King
Jessica Willow, Vice Queen
James Chor, Supreme Field Marshal

From CubaEdit

Raul Castro, President of the Council of State
Julio Casas Regueiro, Minister of the Armed Force

Dominican RepublicEdit

Leonel Fernández, President Rafael Alburquerque, Vice President

From LybiaEdit

Muammar Gaddafi

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