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For the alliance, see the Hanseatic League.


The Hanseatic League (henceforth known as "HL") is the formal structure built by Norden Verein (henceforth known as "Protectors") to improve the conditions of their Protectorates (henceforth known as "Members") through the use of common well defined guidelines, common forum infrastructure and information sharing.

1. Sektion: ProtectionEdit

1.1. Artikel

A declaration of war on any signatory alliance is automatically a declaration of war on all of the others. The HL fights together as a tightly-knit group, and an aggression on any is by extension an aggression to all.

1.2 Artikel

Every alliance is to provide the other with full military assistance, in defensive or offensive operations alike, upon receiving a formal request to do so from the alliance in need. The Protectors commit themelves to ensuring the safety of all Member alliances at whatever cost.

1.3 Artikel

Alliances should notify each other at least one week in advance about upcoming military operations, or about potential threats. Dragging each other into conflicts without warning would be disrespectful; such behavior is to be avoided.

1.4. Artikel

All nations of any signatory alliances that are on the Maroon trading sphere are to vote Striderwannabe for Maroon Senate.

Color Clause: Member alliances are encouraged to formally switch to Maroon, but this is not by any means mandatory.

2. Sektion: Foreign AffairsEdit

2.1. Artikel

All Member alliances remain sovereign, separate entities from the Protectors and HL as a whole. All Members are described as "Free" and "Hansa", and have complete authority on all inner issues.

2.2. Artikel

Member alliances must send treaties and other documents signed with other non-HL alliances to the Protectors, in order to seek approval, for the sake of not having multiple treaties conflict with the interests of the different alliances, Members and Protectors alike.

Interests Protection Clause: In order to protect the interests of the Members, the Protectors must also notify them of impending treaties to make sure that these will not conflict or collide with the members' goals.

2.3. Artikel

In official HL-wide announcements, with endorsement from every Member and the Protectors, the "ceremonial flags" are used. Such flags are the Norden Verein flag with the upper-left quadrant replaced with anything they see fit, to represent the brotherhood between all alliances. In any other occasions, all alliances use and fly their respective, sovereign flags.

2.4. Artikel

When armed conflict comes to an end, the Protectors are entitled to negotiate surrender terms for HL as a whole, in the eventuality that the leadership of the Members may be absent, for the sake of not leaving them unsupported. No Member may sign peace separately from each other; all back each other up from beginning to end of the conflict.

2.5. Artikel:

Members may continue to run their embassy programs freely, and send envoys and representatives anyplace they see fit.

3. Sektion: EconomyEdit

3.1. Artikel

The Protectors agree to lend economic support in the form of guidelines and foreign aid, provided that they are able to meet their inner demand, to the best of their abilities.

3.2. Artikel

After the end of armed conflict, it is the Protectors' duty to help the Members rebuild and recover from any sustained damage through the use of aid chains, in order to guarantee their integrity.

4. Sektion: IntegrationEdit

4.1. Artikel

The Hanseatic League will have their own forum sections at, and each alliance will have their own mask type linking them to their distinctive identities. All Member alliances are strongly encouraged to have their common and leader membership register alike in this structure, or the Protectors will have a much harder time collaborating and providing them with the advantages of this document.

4.2. Artikel

The Protectors agree to share guides and information as well as formal structures with the Members, to help them develop as they see fit. The Protectors should try and guide the Members towards prosperity.

4.3. Artikel

The common forum infrastructure also provides trade, technology exchanges and other economic sections, as well as a common military section. All armies should there function together, as one, coordinating every task to maximize efficiency.

4.4. Artikel

Leadership of the Members will have access to a forum to be in contact with the leaders of the Protectors. It is the Members' responsibilities to transmit their concerns and needs to the Protectors so they may help better all situations. It is the Protectors' obligation to take the needs of all Members into consideration, and not just their own.

Data Protection Clause: Guides obtained legally from other alliances are not shared unless permission is given by that alliance.

4.5. Artikel

HL has no official banner, but the official colors (not team colors) are white and red. These may be the most widely accepted colors in official paraphernalia, propaganda, and other graphical items.

Representativity Clause: Each member alliance is to denominate two representatives to interact in the High Command of HL, in order to ensure that cooperation is always as quick as possible.

5. Sektion: DepartureEdit

5.1. Artikel

No Member may leave during wartime, or owing an amount of money above 3 millions. Doing so is considered treason to HL as a whole. Espionage is strictly forbidden and is also considered treason to HL.

5.2. Artikel

HL Members may freely leave at any given time, but a 4 days anticipated private notification is needed. During those 4 days, the document continues to be active. Once that the Protectors were notified and the days have passed, the departing Member may officially leave upon posting a notice to make it perfectly clear.


Updated April 28, 2008

For Norden Verein:
Kaiser Martens von Norden
Reichskanzler Striderwannabe
Emperor ß, Riksdag
Redneck, Riksdag
Vinzent Zeppelin, Riksdag
Cuba, Minister of Recruitment
Archon, Minister of Foreign Affairs

For Iron Cross:
Saint Kargoth, Governor/Brigadier General
Gunnm, Deputy Governor
James IV, Major General

For Nueva Vida:
Owned-You, Emperor Of Nueva Vida
Kommandant Black, Heir Of Nueva Vida
Lifixs, Comandante
Prince Arutha, Council
Lil Roz, Council
captainchaos, Council
Kaiser Inulover, Council

For The Protectorate of Curland
Vitauts, Protector
Aaron327, Enforcer
Ortmonk, UberMinister

For the Order of the Sword
Count von Lewenhaupt, Grand Master

For The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers
Kernwaffen, President
Empress Isabella, Senator
Nunrleft, Senator
Regent of Omertà, Senator

For the Finnish Cooperation Organization
JJ45, the Supreme Ruler, the Great Emperor, and the Eternal Chancellor of the Finnish Cooperation Organization
enrico`, Chancellor of Justice
Riku123, Commissar of Internal Affairs
JuQu, Commissar of Popular Enlightenment
KanaX, Commissar of Foreign Affairs
Kosola, Commissar of the Economy

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