Halrloprillalar City
capital city of
Halrloprillalar (City) Flag
City Flag
Area 2142.645
Population 36,667

The capital of Bobogoobo is Halrloprillalar City (named to differentiate it from Halrloprillalar Province). It is named after a character of legend whose existence was recently proven when ancient documents were discovered hidden in the home of one of Bobogoobo's oldest residents. Halrloprillalar (also known as Prill) was a woman who accomplished many things in her life. She discovered Skystone, the mysterious material that allowed Bobogoobo to float in the air before becoming too large. Prill was also a strong leader who united many tribes together and helped them start building a village that would, centuries later, become the nation of Bobogoobo. Many other accomplishments are attributed to Prill, but their accuracy is disputed. It is known, however, that Prill disappeared and no signs of her were ever seen again - it's even suggested that she is still alive somewhere, doing great deeds. Today, the city of Halrloprillalar is the largest in Bobogoobo, has the newest and most advanced technology, and is named as one of the best places to live in Bobogoobo. The city flag represents how the city is a crossroads of different elements, but that they all combine to produce a golden city full of richness. The red border represents citizens' isolationism and the gray background represents the uncertainty that is omnipresent in Bobogoobo.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Brinexan PalaceEdit

In the center of Halrloprillalar is Brinexan (brih-necks-en) Palace, the official residence of the Supreme Ruler. O'Goobo ordered it to be built in late 2007 and construction was completed in 2008. Normally O'Goobo prefers to live a little more modestly, but made an exception because he thinks a nation's ruler should be fully present within his nation, and because having all of the palace's employees in his service means that he doesn't have to do anything himself. An addition was ordered in the summer of 2010 to make the palace more decorative and comfortable; O'Goobo decided that he would make the palace his permanent residence. Quinncunx Bloom moved in after their marriage on March 2, 2011.

On April 8, 2011, Justin Vuong was invited to stay in the guest wing for his safety after being overthrown by Theresa Vales. He left on April 24 when he returned to power.

JBR EmbassyEdit

Bobo-JBR Embassy

The JBRican embassy in Halrloprillalar City.

Halrloprillalar City is also home to the embassy from the United States of JBR, helping to improve relations between the two nations.
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