The Hall of Honor
of the Christian Coalition of Countries
Official Flag of the CCC
Agency overview
Formed September 29, 2008
Jurisdiction MoIA
Headquarters The Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor is an organization within the Christian Coalition of Countries that honors those that made an significant impact on the Christian Coalition of Countries. The Hall of Honor was instituted by Anton Chenoa II. According to the introduction post written by Anton Chenoa II,

"The purpose of the Hall of Honor (HoH) is to give recognition to those former members who have made a significant impact in the political, military, economic, or social progress of the alliance."
The Hall of Honor was created by an act of the Church Body.


The following are the qualification to become a member of the Hall of Honor:

  • Retired from CCC membership for at least 3 months.
  • Not a reroll currently a member of the CCC (sorry Jacomus).
  • Left the CCC in good standing.

Selection ProcessEdit

The following is the selection process in picking those that will join the Hall of Honor:

  • During each three month election cycle, a thread will be opened in the Church Body Session for current members to nominate candidates for the HoH. The member nominating a candidate must also provide a brief explanation for why they believe the nominee should be inducted into the HoH.
  • Once nominations were completed, a single poll will be created (set to Multiple choices) containing all of the nominees. Members in good-standing may select as many or as few of the nominees to be inducted as they wish. In order to be selected for induction, nominees must receive votes from at least 2/3 of the members casting votes.
  • A short biography thread will be posted in the Hall of Honor for each former member inducted into the Hall. Current members are encouraged to post their personal reflections and thoughts in these “plaque” threads.

The "Classes"Edit

The Fall 2008 ClassEdit

The Winter 2009 ClassEdit

The Spring 2009 ClassEdit

Election Begins on April 1

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