Flag of Valhalla
Shadow Empire

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: April 6, 2012
Treaty Status: Active

Text of the TreatyEdit


In the interest of friendship, protection, and guidance VÅLHÅLLÅ is extending its hand to the Shadow Empire (SE) and both agree to the following protectorate agreement. Both parties shall honor and help each other grow.

Article I: SovereigntyEdit

VÅLHÅLLÅ will not diminish or infringe upon the sovereignty of SE. VÅLHÅLLÅ and SE recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances.

Article II: Peace and RespectEdit

VÅLHÅLLÅ and SE will coexist in a state of peace. Neither alliance will attack the other militarily or verbally. Both alliances will remain respectful towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled via private discussion.

Article III: Protection and DefenseEdit

VÅLHÅLLÅ pledges to defend SE from military unprovoked military attacks. In the event that such an attack was provoked through willful actions taken by SE this defense becomes optional. Should VÅLHÅLLÅ find itself engaged in war, SE has the right, but not the obligation, to assist in any way possible, including but not limited to financial and military support.

Article IV: Aggression and Treaty SigningEdit

SE agrees to alert VÅLHÅLLÅ if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance at least 48 hours before doing so. SE will never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with VÅLHÅLLÅ leadership. SE will refrain from signing any treaty with another alliance before discussing it with VÅLHÅLLÅ. Failure to abide by this article can be used as grounds to terminate this protectorate.

Article V: CancellationEdit

Both parties agree to give each other 48 hour notice before canceling this treaty, during which all articles will be upheld. Any acts of asshattery can result in this treaty to be canceled immediately upon notification.


Signed for ValhallaEdit

Tronix, Regent
Levistus, Vice Regent
Lykme, Security Consul
Keshav, Jesper's #3 Wench, Lord Eternal Virgin of VALHALLA
B1gAlMan, Marshal

Signed for Shadow EmpireEdit

DemonSpawn - President
Alcoholic - Vice President
DVDCCHN - Secretary of State
TheTerminator - Secretary of Defense
NobleSix - Secretary of the Interior

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