This alliance has disbanded.
Flag of Guardian

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War flag of Guardian
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The Symbol of Guardian "The Gryphon"
  Motto: Strength Through Unity
Team Color White team White
Founded May 4, 2013

The Vanguard

The Chancellor


Internal Minister

Foreign Minister

War Minister

International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 5, 2013

Total Nations   8
Strength 26,674
Avg. Strength 3,334
Nukes 0
Rank   NO RANK
Score 0.31
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Guardian is a small alliance on the white team.


Article I: MembershipEdit

New members may be admitted through a process defined by the Minister of Internal Affairs with the consent of the Vanguard. This process may be modified within reason by the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Minister of Internal Affairs will certify its completion to grant membership. Membership may be revoked by the Vanguard

Article II: The GovernmentEdit

  • The Vanguard

The Vanguard holds the power to appoint Ministers, sign and ratify Treaties, propose law and speak for the Alliance. In a general sense the Vanguard holds absolute executive authority. Upon resignation the Vanguard shall appoint a successor to the throne.

  • The Chancellor

The Chancellor will serve as an advisor to the Vanguard, assumes control of the alliance in the absence of the Vanguard, and will assist the Ministers in day to day operations of the alliance.

  • The Ministers

There will be three Ministries each with their own Minister. Each Minister will manage and run their Ministry as they see fit with the guidance and consent of the Vanguard.

Article III: Votes of No ConfidenceEdit

Any member may bring a Vote of No Confidence against an office holder. The motion will be debated for 48 hours and then voted upon for 48 hours. The Chancellor will run the vote unless they are facing the Vote of No Confidence in which case the Vanguard will run the vote.

If a Vote of No Confidence passes with a 2/3 vote then the office holder is removed from office. If the Vanguard is removed their successor will be the Chancellor and they will forfeit the right to select a successor. The newly appointed Vanguard shall, with the approval of the Ministers, select the Chancellor to replace him.

Article IV: AmendmentsEdit

All amendments will become valid and active upon their approval by the Chancellor, Vanguard, and all three Ministers.

Article V: Ratification Edit

Upon the certification of 5 members this Charter will take full effect. Certification implies the stating of approval on the forums of the alliance. Any person who certifies the Charter within 48 hours of the Charter being effective will be considered a founding member. After that only by administration of the application process may membership be granted.


  • Shellhound, Vanguard
  • Cynic, Chancellor
  • Ethan47, Minister of War
  • Lee Man, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Keegoz, Minister of Foreign Affairs

International relations Edit

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
NSO-Guardian MDoAP (link) MDoAP NSOWhite New Sith Order Defunct May 4, 2013

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