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Date November 25, 2011 — February 17, 2012
Casus belli Past grievances
Result TOP\IRON victory
Preceded by
Kaskus-NG War
Succeeded by
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
Fark-NPO War, DH-Chestnut War, C&G-MHA War, MJ-SF War
The Avengers
Duckroll Project



Blood For Friends



Doom House
Doom House

Complaints and Grievances Union

Victory Not Vengeance
Victory Not Vengeance

Kitten Defence Force
Kitten Defence Force


Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box

  • NewOPWarFlag.png <acronym title="Standard Edition Ordo Paradoxia">OP</acronym>
  • Placeholder Flag.svg <acronym title="First Tactical Corps">FTC</acronym>

Polaris and Friends


Super Friends

Dos Equis

Chestnut Accords
Chestnut Accords

Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box

  • Delusions-of-grandeur.png <acronym title="Delusions of Grandeur">DoG</acronym>

Stats as of 11/28/11
  • (TOP and IRON)
  • 610 nations
  • 21,846,295 NS
  • 85.78 score
  • 6,317 nukes
Stats as of 11/29/11
  • (TOP, IRON + VoC)
  • 637 nations
  • 22,192,074 NS
  • 87.51 score
  • 6,322 nukes
Stats as of 11/30/11
  • (TOP, IRON, VoC +GLOF +Colossus +WAPA)
  • 872 nations
  • 30,954,307 NS
  • 131.19 score
  • 8,643 nukes
Stats as of 12/6/11
  • 1843 nations
  • 69,470,751 NS
  • 37,694 Avg. NS
  • 270.57 score
Stats as of 11/28/11
  • (Avalanche, NpO, UPN, CCC, and STA)
  • 577 nations
  • 17,918,346 NS
  • 71.97 score
  • 6,271 nukes
Stats as of 11/29/11
  • (Avalanche, NpO, UPN, CCC, and STA)
  • 578 nations
  • 17,643,290 NS
  • 71.09 score
  • 6,115 nukes
Stats as of 11/30/11
  • (Avalanche, NpO, UPN, CCC, and STA)
  • 578 nations
  • 17,309,947 NS
  • 70.00 score
  • 5,954 nukes
Stats as of 12/6/11
  • 1122 nations
  • 29,578,314 NS
  • 26,362 Avg. NS
  • 122.34 score
^ Valhalla are also a part of the Poseidon bloc and a member of Duckroll.
^ BAPS are also a part of Duckroll.
^ R&R are also a part of SuperFriends.
^ CSN are also a part of SuperFriends.
^ NoR are also part of NOIR.
^ Asg are also a part of NOIR.
^ DT are also a part of NOIR.
^ GOONS are also a part of Pandora's Box.
^ Umbrella are also a part of Pandora's Box and NOIR
10 ^ VE are fighting on both sides of the war.

The Grudge War formerly known as the TOP\IRON-NpO War was a conflict that initially started when TOP and IRON declared war on New Polar Order for the actions committed by NpO against TOP during the Bipolar War. A sub-conflict began when Fark and FAN declared war upon the New Pacific Order for grievances suffered during the Holy War of Farkistan and VietFAN. Further conflicts sprung up with many different grievances being fought over, leading many to call this a Great War, rather than a narrow regional war.

During the war, on January 29, 2012, the New Polar Order lost sanction status due to the sustained damage it received.

On February 17, 2012, NpO surrendered to IRON, TOP, Valhalla, and TSO, agreeing to pay reparations totaling 125,000 units of technology to TOP and TSO nations.

For a list of individuals who fought in the Grudge War see: Category:Grudge War veteran.

Alternative names

Alternative names used for the Grudge War are ByePolar War, TOP\IRON-NpO War and Winter War.

The War's name was changed from TOP\IRON-NpO War to the Grudge War around the war's one year anniversary due to an OWF poll posted by Rogal Dorn.

TOP-Aloha Conflict

No official declaration of war was posted by TOP when it attacked Aloha; however, Aloha posted a recognition of war with TOP. It is not khnown why TOP declared on Aloha, as this was never clarified in the declaration.

VE-Nebula-X Conflict

This front of the war put VE on both sides of the war as it defended its ally GOD against the attack by Nebula-X; this is not the first time an alliance has ended up on both sides of a war. There has been talk of miscommunication when Nebula-X declared war on GOD, because the action might not have been approved by some allies of Nebula-X.

Declarations of War


For NpO

Declarations of Support

Surrenders and Withdrawals


For NpO

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