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On 18 April 2009, Großgermania declared war on the military junta operating in the Republic of Jerna, thereby entering the Jernan Civil War. The declaration was made by Emperor Michael von Preußen from his summer residence in the Kanarische Inseln.

Text of the DeclarationEdit

Recently, a tragedy has occurred in Oceania. Where once a great nation stood, today, only ruins of the People's Democratic Republic of Jerna remain. A great socialist democracy lies in ruins as usurpers of power, those few people in control of the People's Armed Forces, assume absolute control over every aspect of Jernan life.

We have found great friends in the Republic of Jerna: in their ambassadors, in their government, and in their populace. We can no longer stand by and allow the great nation built at the hands of the President Arrnea be destroyed. And, while maintaining hope that those nations with whom the People's Empire is diplomatically aligned who pursue more authoritarian forms of self-government than that of the Republic of Jerna will not see this as a threat to our alignment, the time has come for action.

By this Imperial Decree, and with the approval of the Reichstag, and the general assent of my advisors, I hereby declare that a state of war exists between the People's Empire of Greater Germania and the Military Junta existing within the territory of the Republic of Jerna, as well as any and all of its allies or supporters operating domestically and abroad.

In witness whereof, signed in Lanzarote on this 18 day of April 2009, and presented therefore to the people.


His Imperial Majesty by the Grace of God Michael I von Preußen
Emperor of the People's Empire of Greater Germania
Reichskaiser von Volksreich Großgermania
Consul of the Lower Zorge Valley
Perpetual Vicar of the National Unionist Party of Großgermania

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