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The events, alliances, and other notable nations of the grey team are listed below.

History Edit

Grey team has long been the most neglected sphere in Cyber Nations. It is considered by most the "neutral sphere" because majority consider Grey a no-team. However, it does have a small but unique history. A few alliances have formed on the team over the years but have usually disbanded in a short period of time. The Legion was briefly ordered to the Grey team as a term of Purplegate, but was soon permitted to return to Purple. Since then, the Grey sphere had remained mostly an unknown area in the world of Cybernations; this alone has helped it to remain untouched by many global conflicts and wars over the years. However, it is infested with rogues, because the rogues can not be sanctioned on the Grey team and can be aided by other rogues. This problem lead to the beginning of the Crusades, a series of major military champaings lead by the grey alliances mainly the Holy Roman Empire to fight against the increasing rouge numbers. The Grey Council has long called the Grey sphere home and had been the sole alliance on the team for years.Their philosophies on strict neutrality have helped them avoid many of the global conflicts and major wars in CN history. They are considered by most alliances to be a mystery, and they have stayed true to their stance as a Grey Team alliance and helped maintain the sphere over the years. In June of 2009 the Soviet Union was established. When Grey had two powers on the sphere, it saw more activity than ever before. However, the Soviets left the Grey sphere on August 11, 2009 and moved to red. IN 2010 the Knights of Ni! moved onto the Grey sphere and in December of that year The Holy Roman Empire joined Grey. In August of 2011, a number of Grey Team advocates came together to form The New Grey Order(No relation to The Grey Order). These advocates include DreadGrunt and xxLloydxx, both being long standing veterans of CN who desire even if ever so slighlty to help improve the Grey Team by any means possible. Currently the NGO has taken a stand to combat the many rogues on the Grey Team and offers Militaristic and finiacial aid to any Grey Nation attacked by a rogue.

Current AlliancesEdit

AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance ScoreActive Blocs
AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance ScoreActive Blocs
GCflag Grey Council GC 19th March 2006 3.02 [1]
Placeholder Flag Knights of Ni! KoNi! July 2007 6.80 [2]
Placeholder Flag The New Grey Order NGO 30th September 2011 0.22[3]

Former AlliancesEdit

AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance FateDate of Fate
AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance FateDate of Fate
Alliance of Independent Nations AOIC October 2007 Disbanded 2007
The Grey Order TGO 6th June 2007 Disbanded July 2007
USSRflagnew Soviet Union SU 15th June 2009 Moved [4]
LegionFlag The Legion Legion 31st January 2006 Moved [5]
HREflag Holy Roman Empire HRE 8th Febuary 2010 Collapsed 2011

Significant Grey Team Alliances
CurrentDefenders of the Peace
Under 20Grey CouncilBF1
MovedThe LegionUSSRKoNi!
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