Grey Council
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GC Official Flag
GC Motto: Pacis Per Excellens Incendia Vox
Team Color Grey team Grey
Founder(s) Bumpy
Founded March 19th 2006
  • Premier: Master Ninja
  • Judge Advocate General: Mark Reynolds
  • Defense Minister: Slinger008
  • Internal Affairs: Latens
  • External Affairs: Dolphin

AllianceStats Statistics as of August 11, 2013

Total Nations 18
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 72,943
Nukes 287
Score 4.93
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The Grey Council (GC) is a neutral alliance founded by Bumpy on March 19, 2006.

Charter Edit

Main article: Grey Council Charter

The current and binding charter of the Grey Council as passed on February 25, 2007. The principles that guide the Grey Council may be found here. Many of the rules and regulations of the Grey Council are outlined, as well as, information regarding the roles of Grey Council government officials and the rights given to every member of the Grey Council. Please note, that the Grey Council Charter is currently being reformatted by Frigo.

History Edit

Main article: Grey Council History

The history of the Grey Council. "The Grey Council - The History of a Mystery" by Galaisa is included in this section. You may find a list of past and present officials of the Grey Council here.

Links Edit

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