Secretary of Defence
Gregor Hammelson

1st General of the Deltoran Republic
In office
October 16th, 2010 – present
Vice President(s)   Laura Nifestri, Nathon Carrelson
Regent vacant
President Roger Johnson, Laura Nifestri
Preceded by None
Succeeded by None

1st Secretary of Defence in the Deltoran Republic
In office
January 10,2011 – Incumbent

Born Augest 5, 1966
New York City, New York
Nationality DR flag Deltoran
Spouse Linda Hammelson
Children George,Flint, Collyn
Residence Military HQ, Deltoran Republic
Alma mater West Point Military Acedemy
Profession Military Officer
Religion Roman Catholic

Gregor Hammelson (pronounced GRE-gor AM-el-son) is the first General and Secretary of Defence of the Deltoran Republic. Serving in numerous wars, Hammelson has been commented as one of the most successful military generals in history, defeating many enemys of the Republic. He uses a Total War stratagy in order to crush enemy infenstructure and civilain will to fight.

War OverviewEdit

PB-NpO WarEdit

Hammelson lead the Deltoran Army to victory in Nova Gaul by crushing their defences and by bombing storage faciltys and factories, plus Government and military targets.

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