Green Party of Disparu
Parti vert du Disparu
Founded19 February 2009
Dissolved16 January 2012
Global Greens
Political positionLeft
LeaderErika Gardenia
HeadquartersEterna, Almia, Disparu
Official colors      Green
Seats in the
- Commons
- Senate
- Executive Council

40 of 471
19 of 112
1 of 17
Coat of Arms of Disparu.png.png

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The Green Party of Disparu (GPD, French: Parti vert du Disparu, PVD) was a political party in Disparu focused on environmental issues and concerns.

Despite its official stance as a left-wing party, it had attracted environmentalists throughout the political spectrum, and was often considered as a "politically-neutral party". During its run, it was only a minor party in terms of seats held, but often had some influence in government policy as it sometimes held the balance of power. It dissolved itself after the fall of Disparu, after its members disagreed on what path the party should take. Its former members can be found on all five existing parties.

Prior to its dissolution, the GPD held holds 40 seats in the Commons, 19 seats in the Senate, and one seat in the Executive Council.


The following was the party's selections for government positions prior to their disbandment. Positions marked in bold indicate people who held their respective designated positions.

  • Leader: Erika Gardenia
  • Speaker of the Senate: Georges Bonsaint
  • Speaker of the Commons: Grosvenor Petrie


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