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Größere Midwayan Reich
Greater Midwayan Empire
NaziMidwayFlag NaziMidwayCoatofArms
National Flag Coat of Arms
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer
One People, one Empire, one Führer
National Anthem
Midway Above All
followed by Horst-Wessel-Lied
Capital Aldebaran
Official languagess English, German
Demonym Midwayan
Government Totalitarian dictatorship, Single-party state
- Führer Heinrich Altdorfer
- Third Battle of Aldebaran

28 July 2011
Major Religions None
Total Area 302.554 sq mi.
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency Reichsmark (ℛℳ)
Literacy Rate 93.12%
Driving Lane Right
Date Format mm/dd/yyyy
Time Zone UTC -11:00

The Greater Midwayan Empire (also referred to as Nazi Midway) is a self-proclaimed sovereign state situated in Midway Atoll. It declares itself the successor state to the Union of Midway, and claimed sovereignty over all territory that belonged to the Union of Midway. It has also claimed the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll, though it holds no authority over these areas.


After the Third Battle of Aldebaran the National Socialist Party of Midway and the Sturmabteilung formed the Greater Midwayan Empire, and claimed sovereignty over all of the Union of Midway. He then went on to prepare defenses and plan the next phase of the Third Midwayan Civil War. Soon afterwards, the Greater Midwayan Empire gained control of the Sand Islet Province through the Battle of Sand Islet Province. The next day they gained control over the Kure Atoll Province through the Battle for the Kure Atoll Province. On July 30, they won the Third Midwayan Civil War making them the government of Midway. Eventually they joined the South Caucasus War and started the Somali War. However the nation collapsed on August 10 due to internal protest and was succeeded by the Union of Midway.

On December 20, 2011, Theresa Vales II gave Midway it's independence under a government to be decided by the National Socialist Party of Midway. This resulted in a restoration of the Greater Midwayan Empire on December 21, 2011, with the new Führer being Heinrich Altdorfer, older brother of Hans Altdorfer.


The government of the Greater Midwayan Empire is divided into 3 divisions. The first is the Führer, who holds the ultimate say in all political decisions. The second is the Führer Kabinett, which is a cabinet of 3 ministers appointed by the Führer. The 3 ministers are the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Minister of the Military. The Führer Kabinett holds the second most political power, being second only to the Führer. The third is the Reichstag, which is a parliament of 30 councilors, each councilor is appointed by the Führer Kabinett. The Reichstag makes most legislative decisions.

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