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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
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The Greater Global Reich alliance was formed on May 21'st by DreadGrunt and archassassin who in the first few days aqquired a loyal powerbase of followers. After the first week of their existence GGR totaled almost 20K strength and in a few days would be ingulfed in the GGR-MWTC war which was almost never even heard about throughout CN as to the growing issues with the NPO.


Today GGR has started to openly recruit nations to their ranks though it has been slow gaining only a small number of nations since the time they were formed. It is possible to join GGR by visiting their website which can be found in the nation bio of The Dread Empire.


The GGR peacetime military totals almost 24K soldiers for peace keeping and defensive purposes, though in times of war this number has seen to jump to 30K or higher. The only major wars for GGR at this point would be the GGR-Murder Was The Case War, which ended in a decisive GGR victory and the GGR-Karma war.

GGR's Involment In the Karma War[]

GGR, being an unalligned micro alliance was given scant attention during the events of the Karma War. GGR was brought into the conflict as a result of a GOON/GoD attack on many of the alliance members. GGR at this numbered about 18 nations with a collective NS of about 50,000. The first attacks on the Reich came just days before the first anniversary of the foundation of the Reich on May 21'st, most nations of GGR were anarchied but minor aid was organized and sent to those hardest hit for them to continue the war effort. By the time the first week of the war ended, GGR had lost almost 25K NS and many members were becoming skeptical about the leadership of the Reich, some went as far as to surrender and leave the alliance. Those that remained continued to wage a guerilla war against the forces of Karma and the Hegemony until GGR, under order from Kaiser DreadGrunt was disbanded for the time being and the members went there separate ways.