Third Great War
Date March 19 - April 14, 2007
Result Initiative Victory
/b/, SWF, LUE, BTA, Syndicate, NAAC and Sphere bloc disband
Preceded by
St. Patrick's Day War
Succeeded by
The Alaskan Folly
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The Initiative & Allies

The Initiative

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The Sphere
Cumulative NS 3/19 34,609,999

Cumulative NS 4/07 35,687,000

Cumulative NS 3/19/07 32,317,422

Cumulative NS 4/07/07 10,797,000

Great War III was a war fought during the spring of 2007 shortly after Great War II. It was fought between The Initiative and Aegis. It ended with a victorious Initiative over Aegis.

For a list of individuals who fought in Great War III see: Category:Great War III veteran.

Alternative NamesEdit

At the time of the conflict dozens of potential names were proposed. The most popular among them included The AfGATOstan War and March Madness. None of the alternate names stuck, however, and today the war is universally referred to simply as Great War Three, or some variation thereof.

Casus BelliEdit

Not long after the St. Patrick's Day War began, the New Pacific Order claimed that the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization was spying on them as well as harboring intentions of hostility, as revealed by several leaked chat conversations between GATO's Assembly Chairman, Vincent Xander, and Legion's Foreign Minister, Sir Galahad. NPO also discovered and banned a spy from GATO on their forums.[1]

Events of the WarEdit

Following the NPO/GATO dispute, on March 19, a post was made on the CN forums containing a leaked forums screenshot[2] from mpol, the then Grand Bastard of the Federation of Armed Nations, discussing an upcoming attack on GATO. The content was later identified as coming from a private Initiative leadership forum. The post outlined an upcoming attack by NPO, the Maroon Defense Coalition, the Grand Global Alliance, and \m/ against GATO to be made that night at 15min before update. Additionally, it laid out the Initiatives plans to deal with other alliances coming to the defense of GATO. Specifically, it allocated the New Polar Order and an unidentified party to counter the National Alliance of Arctic Countries while FAN and The Order of the Paradox were to counter any intervention from The Legion and instructed the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving to counter the Orange Defense Network.

NPO made the first move by declaring war on GATO at 10:45pm on March 19.[3] This declaration of war was followed only a few minutes later by \m/,[4] GGA,[5] and MDC[6] with declarations of support from fellow Initiative members FAN,[7] the Viridian Entente,[8] TOP,[9] the Confederacy of Independent States,[10] Nordreich,[11] and GOONS. The largest members of The Initiative had rallied support against GATO.

On March 20, shortly before update, Ivan Moldavi posted a controversial statement praising The Legion on behalf of the NPO and officially reactivating their MDP with Legion, 'The Imperial Accords.' Later that night, at 10:47pm, Genmay and GOONS activated their MDP and declared war on GATO.[12]

On the morning of March 21, at 1:16am, the We Are Perth Army became the first alliance to join sides with GATO, approximately 27 hours since NPO had issued the first Declaration of War on GATO.[13]

At 8:54 PM on March 21, 2007, NAAC became the second power to enter on the side of GATO,[14] followed shortly by the Imperial Assault Alliance, who declared war on GGA.[15] Legion announced its position at 9:07 PM, when VL Empire, their Prime Minister, declared war on The Initiative, rejecting Moldavi's previous statement regarding the Imperial Accords.[16] However, Legion attacks on FAN, TOP and GGA had begun almost 10 minutes earlier at 9:00 PM, thus breaking their Non-Aggression Pacts with the former two. Both questioned Legion's so-called "defense" of GATO by attacking alliances uninvolved with that front.[17][18] Less than an hour later, the Global Democratic Alliance activated their MDP, declaring war on Legion and other alliances attacking NPO.[19]

Less than an hour after update on March 22, /b/, an alliance that had long been neutral in similar conflicts, declared war on VE and other select alliances of The Initiative. VE was outraged at /b/'s declaration and stated that they would never declare peace with them. This declaration caused Archon's DramaNations meter to go from Red (at which it had been for two days) to Black.[20]

Later that day, alliances of The Sphere issued declarations of war. The first to do so was the Blue Turtle Alliance, who focused their attack on CIS, citing a defense clause in a PIAT as their justification for war.[21] The other Sphere alliances, the Entente of the Sun,[22] Guns of Glory,[23] R&R,[24] M. Carter Brown,[25] and the Maroon Revolutionaries Alliance,[26] declared war on CIS on the same day. On March 27, these alliances surrendered to CIS, effectively dissolving the Sphere.

The LUEnited Nations, at 8:58 PM, officially renounced the terms of their surrender to The Initiative from the aftermath of the Second Great War, activating their pre-Second Great War MADP with GATO and declaring war on Genmay.[27]

At 10:31, ODN and the Coalition of Defensive States jointly declared war on GOONS.[28] GOONS returned the declaration a few minutes later.[29] One hour later, Farkistan entered the war on GATO's side.[30]

On March 23, the Mostly Harmless Alliance joined the war by declaring on the Legion several hours prior to update, citing their MDP with NPO.[31]

CDS Prime Minister Seleucus Ontuas later made the declaration of all out nuclear war on GOONS due to the fact that GOONS was not allowing the CDS to surrender. Realizing that this would mean the complete and utter destruction of CDS, former CDS members, including former leader filipinoboi122 staged a coup, deposing the government. The new government officially signed a surrender document and the war between CDS and GOONS was declared to be over.

Dark FridayEdit

Two /b/ rogues launched nuclear weapons despite the universal agreement not to go nuclear. Unable to control her members as many more were following suit and beginning to spam the CN forums, Furseiseki disbanded /b/ in order to protect the members who still wished to play from becoming outcasts.

With the disbandment, more prominent members of /b/, to include their emperor, began "/b/ombing" the forums with obscene images, as was the tradition of 4chan raids: child pornography, goatse, mutilated animals, human torture, and other images. The moderators acted swiftly to erase these images, but they were not swift enough. With every IP ban, another /b/tard, using an anonymous proxy, would take its place and continue the attack. Shortly following this incident, NAAC announced that, in their disgust, they were ordering all of their nations to stand down. The Old Guard followed suit. The League of Small Superpowers did the same, and surrendered that week.

Shortly following the incident, massive DDoS attacks on the site by /b/ forced admin to take Cyber Nations down. admin implemented the "Confusion of Babylon" and closed down the Open World Forums. The entire forum soon followed.

Thus, with the forums and main site down, and the Month of March making way for April, March Madness ended with the very existence of Cyber Nations at risk. Despite this, the war still continued into the month of April.

Independent and Neutral AlliancesEdit

The two largest neutral powers during the war were the Green Protection Agency (see the Declaration of Neutrality) and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations. Both of these sanctioned alliances were pressured to join, and both could have given either side a substantial gain increase in nations, nation strength, and morale. Both had long-term relations with alliances on both sides.

GPA issued a statement, proclaiming that they were holding to their neutrality, and that any deviation from this would fundamentally alter the basis of the alliance.

IRON decided that protection of their members required that they stay neutral in the conflict. Since IRON's bylaws did not forbid an aggressive war, IRON was under considerably more pressure to enter the conflict than GPA.

The neutral alliance, the Organized Nations of Superiority, became sanctioned in the aftermath of the war. They and their neutral allies in the Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense, were also pressured into joining the war. Regardless, they too remained neutral throughout the conflict.

Other EventsEdit

  • 3/21 - FAN announces its "X Nuclear Rogue" Policy.
  • 3/29 - Legion member Cricket of Rlyeh uses his deceased friend's nation to aid fellow Legionnaires. It is attacked and he begs the attackers on the CN forums to spare it.
  • 3/30 - "Black Friday" -Various former /b/ members attack CN Forums by posting various shock images or other spam. Various DOS attacks are also carried out on CyberNations and the source code was stolen.
  • 3/30 - CN Forums brought down from 1pm 3/30 to 8am 4/2
  • 3/31 - Cyber Nations momentarily shut down
  • 4/2 - Forums brought back online as of 8:00AM, game itself remains off-line
  • 4/2 - Admin responds to question about Game Time during the temporary shutdown of Cyber Nations with: "Time will continue on and when the game resumes you will collect taxes on all the days that the game was offline. There will be no inactivity deletions due to the downtime. If the game is down for 5 days I will put the cleanup schedule on hold for 5 days to allow everyone time to access their nations."
  • 4/3 - Cyber Nations comes back online.
  • 4/9 - A coup occurs within CDS and the new government immediately surrenders to GOONS.
  • 4/10 - VE withdraws from The Initiative, but continues to attack nations holding the /b/ alliance affiliation.
  • 4/11 - NAAC rejects surrender terms given to them.
  • 4/11 - NAAC terminates MDP with GATO

Surrenders and WithdrawalsEdit

Part I, March Madness Surrenders

3/26 - APIN has an coup d'état and surrender to GGA

3/30 - Furseiseki disbands /b/.

3/30 - The Sphere alliances surrender to CIS.

3/30-3/31 - Old Guard announces their surrender with intentions to pay forty five million to FAN and TOP.

3/30-3/31 - RIA and MDC cease-fire. RIA agrees to pay sixty million in reparations to the MDC and replace their maroon team senator due to the sanctions imposed on MDC members at the beginning of the war.

Part II, April Finale Surrenders

4/4 - LoSS officially surrenders to the Viridian Entente under the terms of downgrading their current MDP's to PIATS and an alliance wide move to the pink sphere.

5 April- ASC surrenders to the MCCF

6 April- ODN surrenders to GOONS under the following terms.

6 April- LUEnited Nations disbands.

9 April- Prime Minister of the Coalition of Defensive States, Seleucus Ontuas, declares nuclear war on GOONS. CDS members stage a coup d'état in response. CDS establishes a new government and surrenders to The Initiative.

9 April- Powerful Alliance of Green Nations banks collapse and President Chris resigns from PAGN. RulerEthan disbands PAGN which officially made a peace between the former nations of PAGN and GATO. It should be noted that if this alliance is ever reformed, then they would be in an active state of war with GATO.

10 April- The Legion surrenders to The Initiative. (Legion's Surrender Terms)

11 April - The Mostly Harmless Alliance officially recognizes The Legion's surrender and announces a cessation of hostilities.

11 April- Global Alliance and Treaty Organization surrenders to The Initiative

14 April- National Alliance of Arctic Countries disbands

14 April- GWIII officially declared over

Global Shift of PowerEdit

Tier 1 - Initial Nation Strength Above 5 Million
Alliances March 10, 2007 March 16, 2007 March 26, 2007 April 10, 2007 NS Change
New Pacific Order 8,008,303 8,341,556 9,265,826 9,229,464 +1,221,161/+15.2%
The Legion 7,744,524 8,096,994 7,241,697 2,998,006 -4,746,518/-61.3%

Tier 2 - Initial Nation Strength Above 2 Million
Alliances March 10, 2007 March 16, 2007 March 26, 2007 April 10, 2007 NS Change
Green Protection Agency 4,612,552 4,828,925 5,236,343 6,117,437 +1,504,885/+32.6%
Independent Republic of Orange Nations 4,578,049 4,807,627 5,206,433 5,730,544 +1,152,495/+25.2%
Federation of Armed Nations 4,292,004 4,537,006 4,753,443 4,919,686 +627,682/+14.6%
Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving 4,129,267 4,355,045 4,751,003 4,696,171 +566,904/+13.7%
Grand Global Alliance 2,256,728 2,366,494 2,338,804 2,322,533 +65,805/+2.92%
New Polar Order 2,312,395 2,413,243 2,515,171 2,319,045 +6,650/+0.288%
Orange Defense Network 3,655,499 3,854,426 3,664,591 2,649,843 -1,005,656/-27.5%
National Alliance Of Arctic Countries 3,900,288 4,104,096 4,092,165 1,694,772 -2,205,516/-56.5%
Global Alliance and Treaty Organization 4,804,882 4,806,331 3,636,261 1,814,665 -2,990,217/-62.2%

Tier 3 - Initial Nation Strength Above 1 Million
Alliances March 10, 2007 March 16, 2007 March 26, 2007 April 10, 2007 NS Change
Global Organization for Liberty and Defense 1,395,458 1,435,629 1,543,834 2,188,653 +793,195/+56.8%
Organized Nations of Superiority 1,822,213 1,890,531 2,041,828 2,518,897 +696,684/+38.2%
The Order of the Paradox 1,464,444 1,496,982 1,666,845 1,842,119 +377,675/+25.8%
\m/ 1,098,874 1,207,749 1,246,837 1,457,920 +359,046/+32.7%
North Atlantic Defense Coalition 1,055,177 1,117,099 1,250,412 1,402,606 +347,429/+32.9%
Viridian Entente 1,764,972 1,801,044 1,974,164 2,045,663 +280,691/+15.9%
Nordreich 1,433,182 1,573,278 1,642,372 1,696,809 +263,627/+18.4%
The League of Small Superpowers 1,029,434 1,220,847 1,066,287 581,584 -447,850/-43.5%
/b/ 1,787,458 1,887,555 1,666,427 156,401 -1,631,057/-91.3%

**Legend: Black-Neutral, Blue-The Initiative & Allies, Red-Aegis(Ex-League & Allies)

Aftermath Edit

Sanctioned Alliance Audit:

After the war, the admin team performed an Alliance Audit.

  • GATO lost sanctioned status.
  • NAAC lost sanctioned status. (for the second time.)
  • ONOS was sanctioned. (Making it the first of the maroon color sphere alliances to receive Sanctioned Status)
  • GOLD was sanctioned.

Alliances disbanded During or Due to the war:

The CDS was also couped and replaced with ex-CDS leadership(including former members of NPO and LUE after their Prime Minister Seleucus Ontuas had declared nuclear war on GOONS.

Many people had lost respect for the Legion who, up until the war, had been the second strongest alliance in the Cyberverse.


  2. Post by mpol777 on Initiative forums


March 25, 2007

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