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The League vs. The Initiative
Date January 9th, 2007 - January 14, 2007 (League surrender)
February 4, 2007
(LUE surrender)
June 10, 2007 (FARK-GOONS Peace)
Result Initiative victory, Fark becomes GOONS Viceroyalty after months of resistance.
Preceded by
Holy War of Farkistan
Succeeded by
St. Patrick's Day War


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Great War II was a war fought during the Winter of 2007 between The Initiative and The League. It ended with a victorious Initiative over The League.

For a list of individuals who fought in Great War II see: Category:Great War II veteran.

Alternative Names

The war is also known as:
The Second Patriotic War, The Lesser Great War, The Four Days War, The Farklands War, The Farkistani Conflict, World War LUE, The Winter War, The Big Farkin' Controversy, De Bello Farklandica, Great War II: Electric Boogaloo

The Holy War of Farkistan

By the Initiative Side:
The LUEnacy, War of the LUEnatics, The Initiative is FARKing Awsome War, The LUEicide, The Go Fark Yourself War, War of Retribution

Events Leading to the War


The main pathway to the Second Great War was started with the "NoRway incident", which although major news coverage was scarce, rapidly made rounds over the internet. One of internet communities that learned of the fiasco was

During the evening of January 2, 2007, Akbar Lipstick of the Cyber nation, Farkistan, announced itself to the world community. A few notable names were also involved with Farkistan, such as The Blitz, formerly of the NAAC, and Masta Blasta, of LUE. While not immediately causing turmoil, it was discovered by leaders in CN that several Farkistanian members had -posted something to the effect of-[1] "sending GOONS back to SA", which recalled a bitter rivalry between the home boards of Farkistan ( and GOONS (Something Awful).

Sensing a security threat, GOONS immediately declared war on Farkistan. For two days, Farkistan held out against blistering GOONS attacks aimed at wiping Farkistan off the map.


The War Begins


While the road leading up to the Second Great War was a very complicated one, with several different factors coming together to produce the war, it is generally agreed[Source?] that the war began with LUEnited Nations intervention in the war between GOONS and Farkistan.

On January 6, 2007, at 8:30pm, LUE issued a statement offering aid to any Farkistan nation that asked to be allowed into LUE, which would attempt to end the war between those individual leaders and GOONS. It rapidly degenerated into a state of undeclared war between GOONS and the Farkistan/LUE coalition.

Three hours after LUE issued their statement, Ivan Kalinski Moldavi I and Lord "Arctic", Commandantes of the NPO military, issued a military dispatch[Source?] stating that GOONS was protecting its own borders with a preemptive strike, and demanded that LUE retract their statement allowing Farkistani nations to join, lest there be grave consequences for the world.

Half an hour after Moldavi's dispatch, another bombshell was dropped by Dizzay of the GOONS, stating that the NAAC had violated the NAP which existed between the two alliances. GOONS stated the NAAC had violated the pact by aiding The Blitz, whom GOONS considered a rogue[Source?], financially during the early part of the war. The NAAC took a different stance on the issue and likened it to helping an old friend in their time of need.

The day ended about 45 minutes after the GOONS voiding of the NAAC NAP, with Farkistan announcing its charter, which showed it was not about to give in and was still getting organized. GOONS derided the charter, some even insisting that Farkistan just go ahead and call itself LUE2.

With the Farkistani charter only hours old, The Blitz, by now the unofficial spokesman for Farkistan, announced that the alliance would not surrender. Calling GOONS's decision to attack "a grave error in judgement", TheBlitz declared that Farkistan would fight on until "Something Awful's presence on Cybernations was removed."[Source?]

Less than 20 minutes later, GOONS issued the statement "CccCCCcccCCRrrrraaaaaaaalllliiiiinnnnnggggg Innn Myyyy SSSSKINNNN", which officially closed all embassies, except the one with Farkistan. An offer was given to the Farkistani nations still in existence allowing them to join GOONS. The offer was ignored by Farkistan.[Source?]

A day later, a half hour before update, LUE issued another statement on the affair. Despite peace talks still being in progress, it read that it had tried all diplomatic channels to end the GOONS attack on Farkistan. -While stating that they understood GOONS's reason for attacking, they disapproved of the way the GOONS took care of the issue. It laid out the points of why LUE had intervened in the war, and concluded with an announcement that diplomacy had failed and the only way to back Farkistan up was through military force. They then proceeded to surprise attack][opinion needs balancing] all GOONS nations that had been attacking fark nations at the time.

Within half an hour of the announcement of LUE's official entry into the war, a nuke was launched by drnevercuss of GOONS. A GOONS announcement stating that the first use of nukes in war was unacceptable, and that drnevercuss had been booted from the alliance followed shortly after.[6]

Shortly thereafter, LUE announced a full MDP with Fark, the appropriately named "EVERYBODY PANIC" treaty. This solidified the announcement that LUE had made an hour before, and confirmed to the world that LUE really was going to fight on behalf of Farkistan. The NPO immediately declared the MDP invalid, saying that Farkistan only had a temporary government, and couldn't make treaties with anyone[Source?]. LUE counter-claimed that it was only in Farkistan's or LUE's hands to declare the treaty invalid. It was also declared that the MDP was ex post facto, and thus could not be used as justification for LUE's initiation of hostilities.[Source?]


First Statements from Other Alliances

Early on the 10th, with the threat of a Great War looming large, several alliances declared war both officially and unofficially, while others declared neutrality, some accepting members from the warring alliances. First to declare neutrality in the issue was the Tri-Color Federation. The alliance also declared that it was taking war refugees as well.

Less than a minute later, the NAAC made a statement that declared that LUE had been attacked by nations in The Initiative but were not involved in the Farkistan issue. NAAC's statement also declared that the MDP with LUE had been activated, and declared war on all the Initiative alliances. The declaration was later clarified to declare war only on the NPO and NpO.

Shortly thereafter, the NPO gave a short statement that LUE was subverting the war system of The Initiative, and announced that certain LUE members were now being attacked by the NPO. The statement also surrendered control of the NPO military from the War Council to Moldavi, as he is a proven commander for the NPO.

Simultaneously to the NPO's statement, two other announcements of note were released. One was a joint GOONS-NAAC resolution affirming their close relationship, and that no NAAC members would attack GOONS, and vice versa. The statement confirmed that the NAAC was not backing up LUE's actions against GOONS, but simply following the MDP and defending LUE against the NPO. The other announcement was the declaration of war by the Blue Turtle Alliance, throwing them into the fray on the side of the League.[Source?]

The war declarations continued for the next 15 minutes, with GATO and GOLD entering on the side of the League and affirming that LUE was right in the matter. [35],[36]

Also in that short time period, the entry of those two alliances into the war was balanced by the entry of >_< and Viridian Entente. While >_< declared war on all alliances attacking The Initiative, VE declared war on the NAAC as it was the only alliance to have formally declared war at the time on the Initiative but also included a short sentence which stated that any alliances that would declare war on the Initiative in the future would also be targeted.

Declarations of War on The Initiative

January 10, 2007
  • PPF- 12:25 am
  • AoW- 6:06 pm
  • ICP- 11:26 pm
  • OIN- 11:45 pm
  • BTA- 11:46 pm
  • LoSS- 11:47 pm (only on select alliances)
  • ODS- 11:55 pm
  • CDS- 11:56 pm (excludes GGA)
January 11, 2007

Declarations of War on The League

January 10, 2007
  • TOP- 12:24 am 1/10/07 (Acknowledgment of war)
  • GGA- 11:19 pm

January 11, 2007

  • UGO- 12:00 am 1/11/07 (Later updated to attacking LSF only, then to cease-fire at 9:30 pm)
  • Illuminati- 9:47 am

First Non-Farkistan/GOONS/LUE Hostilities

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Around the time that the major war declarations were being announced, the NpO attacked specific nations of LUE that had attacked GOONS members, in order to defend GOONS pursuant the Drinking Buddies Pact and the World Unity Treaty. In response, NAAC declared war at 11:31 PM EST on members of the Initiative, pursuant to its MDP with LUE. NAAC later clarified this declaration to limit it only to NPO and NpO.

Other Reactions to the War

Declarations of Neutrality

*if allowing refugees
January 10, 2007
January 11, 2007

Rogue Responses

Some have started referring to this as Global War II due to the large number of masked alliances involved. Several nations acting independently or falsely under an alliance banner attacked one another [37]. The widespread use of nuclear weapons (see Cyber Nations Demographics reports) suggest a level of covert actions, conflicting with official alliance reports that only two nuclear devices have been used.

see List of nuclear rogues

Opening War Timeline (January 9 to 13)

January 9th

Early attacks
Starting from the first attack not related to LUE, GOONS, or Fark [38]
  • Locktite Bratislava (NpO) attacked Kingdom Shulmania (LUE) at 11:13:13 PM for reason of "Defense of Goons".
  • 8 NpO attacks occurred before the next alliance entered active war, NPO.
  • Darryayah (NPO) declared war on Penisland (LUE) at 11:30:16 PM.
  • 26 NpO and NPO attacks occurred before the next alliance entered active war, NAAC
  • Land of Genesis (NAAC) declared war on Denburra (NPO) at 11:39:42 PM
  • 61 NpO, NPO, and NAAC attacks occurred before the next alliance entered active war, VE.
  • Cherkovia (VE) declared war on Chingchangchong (NAAC) at 11:50:47 PM.
  • 71 NpO, NPO, NAAC and VE attacks occurred before the next alliance entered active war, GATO.
  • g-nation (GATO) declared war on The Global Community (NPO) at 11:52:41
  • 86 NpO, NPO, NAAC, VE and GATO attacks occurred before the next alliance entered active war, >_<.
  • New Sans (>_<) attacked Bharat (NAAC) at 11:54:29 PM.
Total attacks before midnight by each alliance
Nuclear Escalation
  • First Nuclear Rogue Incident. Masta Blasta Nuked by drnevercuss.
  • GOONS removes drnevercuss from alliance. [39]
  • First authorized nuking. WarriorConcept nukes nuclear rogue from GATO JasonA
List of nuclear rogues
Nation (Ruler) – Former Alliance
  • Jason Empire (JasonA) – GATO
  • Dakinsel (Davidius) – NAAC
  • VoLUEsion (Maxwell) – LUE
  • Great SPQR (-Allen-) – FCC
  • Eradica (kong104) – CDS
  • zkward (zkward) - CDS
  • Belkin (naffer) – GATO
  • Yubays United Nation (Yubay) – NAAC
  • Musetti Empire (The General) – GATO
  • Xanth (King Trent) – LUE
  • Nocusses (drnevercuss) – GOONS
  • Eldon (Str8Rzr) – NAAC
  • Husky (Siberain) – GOONS
  • Vinny (Vinny) – None
  • The Oblivion (AnsemX) – CIS
  • Singidunum (Serb) – NPO
  • Australia (Rowan Payne) – 'FAS'
  • zkward (zkward) – CIS
  • ??? (Fevmeister) – NAAC *Nation Deleted*
  • Africa (Africa) – GATO
  • Ascalon (Bluntman) – NPO
  • Myths (metallica5000) – LUE 'Hacked'
  • Hemsky Republic (Big Daddi) – NpO
  • Cobrarium (Tchort) – LUE
  • Esoteria (LlamaMasters) – LUE
  • Kelevra (Senor Wenselsas) – GOLD
  • Hevenin (Zor of Gzaro) – NAAC
  • Roffletopia (HarryMarechal) – GATO
  • Hakusho (Chrono) – LUE
  • Nian (Nephilm) – LUE
  • JimmyLand (Echo_Four) – GOLD
  • Masaru (Masaru) - LUE

Note: This list was posted (see citation above) and updated as of Jan 14 2007, 12:20 PM. The list may not be exhaustive.

January 10th

January 11th

January 13th

The GATO Surrender Controversy - January 14

The BenPG Declaration

On January 14, BenPG , the GATO Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared GATO's surrender [49]. However, as the day continued, other GATO members [Source?] declared that BenPG had misrepresented the alliance, and that GATO was still involved in combat procedures.

As one GATO associate states:

"As a member of GATO, I can personally say that BenPG's announcement was inapproporiate, 
and did not speak for GATO. He was out of line..." --MTTezla
Sources: "GATO did not officially surrender" [50][51][52][53][54][55].
GATO's surrender was not official, as BenPG, the announcer of the treaty, 
declared it without the support of GATO's General Assembly. [56] -- MTTezla

Other Events

Note: It is unknown if the following events were a result of the BenPG Declaration.

January 14th

On January 14, many League leaders statements of surrender and defeat to The Initiative.

January 17th

  • The League admits defeat in the Second Great War, and also admits blame for escalating the conflict. As part of the agreement, the League suspends all MDPs with LUE, who continues to fight against GOONS. [63]

League Actions - January 15

Also, ensuing toward the end of the war, a small group of nations were chosen by an anonymous third party group, that aimed their force at the Initiative. Fighting for the League and LUE, such nations gave small support in defense of LUE and have preferred to remain anonymous, attacking alliances such as the NPO. These countries were used for brief instances, and only one such nation has been identified: KandieLand. This nation fought for reasons unknown and is now considered out of The Second Great War. (Source?)

League Political Announcements

Early morning of January 15, LUE announces they are leaving the League. [64]

NAAC suspends LUE MDP [65] for 72 hours.

GOLD suspends LUE MDP [66] until further notice.

The League announces their defeat in the Second Great War, and also accepts resposibility for escalating the conflict. The League suspends all MDPs with LUE. [67]

LUE accepts the peace terms offered by the Initiative, and The Second Great War officially ends. [68]

Aftermath of the War

Early morning on January 15, due to the numerous nuclear rogue attacks, Global radiation level reached 3.00.

After the war, the League alliances LUE and CDS were unmasked and the Initiative alliances FAN and VE were masked. The Initiative sees this as a great accomplishment.

In the afternoon of February 4, 2007, LUEnited Nations have surrendered to the Initiative, on the following peace terms :

"1) LUE shall surrender to the Initiative and unequivocally state its responsibility for escalating the conflict and starting this war.

2) For a period of six months, LUE nations may not have more than one nuclear weapon. LUE nations has two weeks to decommission them.

3) All LUE's MDPs are reduced to NAPs for three months. MADPs, MDPs or any other treaty with aggressive or defensive warfare text may not be signed for the next six months.

4) /b/ will distribute the LUE's funds to non-LUE nations in dire need of aid that have been affected by this conflict.

5) If a LUE member becomes a rogue within the next six months it may never rejoin LUE.

6a) LUE may not rejoin the League or create or join any other organization similar to it for six months.

7) For the next three months, LUE members may not receive aid from any outside source, including former LUE members who left during the conflict.

8a) Failure to comply with these terms will be considered an act of war upon the Initiative.

8b) Any individual nation that fails to comply with this treaty will be deemed a rogue and be subject to all available military punishment."

Fark and GOONS

See Holy War of Farkistan for more information.

Although The League had surrendered to The Initiative, the conflict between GOONS and Fark would still wage. Without international support, Fark was left for months to fight GOONS and their Intitiative allies alone. The conflict continued through and after the Third Great War until peace was finally declared on June 10. Even with peace, Fark was subject to a number of harsh surrender terms which it was not released from until September 10, when GOONS came under duress during the Unjust War.

The Holy War of Farkistan was the longest war in CyberNations history until VietFAN which lasted two years. The GOONland Resistance Movement is another notable long duration war.

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