The Great Recruitment Extravaganza was a recruitment contest hosted by Sparta. Its participants include Sparta and many of Sparta's allies: Alpha Omega, Asgaard, Athens, the Mostly Harmless Alliance, the Orange Defense Network, Ragnarok, and the Random Insanity Alliance. The Viridian Entente is also participating as a special guest. The contest began on June 13, 2010 and is planned to end on July 11, 2010.


The follow rules were outlined for the recruitment contest:

  1. A "recruit" is defined as one nation ruler that has registered on the alliance forum AND posted an application (or the equivalent, depending on alliance methods) for membership. Any following requirements, such as a Q&A process, interview, or signing of an oath, are not acknowledged and will not count against the score if a recruit fails these.
  2. The contest will start at the update starting Sunday, June 13, and end Sunday, July 11, at 11:59PM CN Time.
  3. Any methods are allowed for recruiting, within the CN Terms of Service.
  4. Badmouthing or other derogatory or inflammatory remarks against other competitors, whether on the forum or via recruitment messages, will NOT be tolerated. If proof is found of such activities, the offending alliance will be removed from the contest. I doubt this will become an issue. >.>


Notes: The number in the table represents the total number of recruits since the beginning of the contest to that date. A "-" means the total at that time was unknown.
Participant 6/136/156/166/176/206/246/266/30
Alpha Omega51112161920-21
Mostly Harmless Alliance0------41
Orange Defense Network-9131728323649
Random Insanity Alliance27913202425-
Viridian Entente---46-1215

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