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Media Corps
Department of the New Pacific Order
NPO Media
Media Corps Standard
Graphics Division Standard
Imperial Officers Red, Zeta Defender
Chief of Media Lord of Darkness
Coordinators Caius Alexandrian, Melisande, Kean
Illustrator TBD
Branches Media Corps
Internal and external information dissemination; journalism control (The Pacific Press); creative writing; psychological warfare; graphical enterprise; broadcasting maintenance and management.
Graphics became defunct on May 18, 2012, and was succeeded by the Propaganda Division.

The NPO Graphics Division of Media Corps is responsible for designing and creating images used in official announcements, on the NPO Forums and for individual Members of the NPO.

Graphics Ranks[]

Illustrator Illustrators are the senior staff of Graphics.

Artifexpacificae Artifex Pacificae are the entry-level position for Graphics.

About the Division[]

The NPO artists create official images for announcements and for use on the forums. They also create complex skins for the forum's monthly themes. These artists are extremely talented and are capable of making any image requested of them, with little or no notice. The artists also spend many hours working on custom images for members of the New Pacific Order without charge.