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Grand Motors Enterprise
FoundedBesaid, Grand Besaid
Founder(s)Andrew Calsaria and Alison Pharax
HeadquartersSentara, Grand Besaid
Area servedWorld, primarily Grand Besaid
Key peopleAlison Pharax (CEO)

Andrew Calsaria (President of the Board of Directors)

Ricardo Golumo (Head of the Venture Capitalist Department)
ProductsAutomobiles, Automobile Parts and Products, Road Paving
ServicesRepair, Insurance, Restoration, Customization, and Engineering of Automobiles
Net income$6,499,372,000,000

Grand Motors Enterprise was founded by Andrew Calsaria and Alison Pharax, when they decided to start a small automotive company that would be shared by their two large businesses. They never expected that it would grow exponentially for years on end, coming to be many times larger than their two companies combined. It began to buy up many competitors and suppliers and started to create a vertical and horizontal industry for its self. Before long, Grand Motors integrated the two smaller and former parent companies into its self.

The company was a huge success primarily because it was a domestic wonder to Grand Besaid, and that Grand Besaid's booming economy and skyrocketing amounts of infrastructure meant a huge demand for automobiles would arise, and the company was there to meet the demand with high quality and low priced automobiles. Grand Motors also owns the Sentara Automotive Complex, one of the largest single site employers and one of the largest automotive complexes in the entire world.

Grand Motors Enterprise is also impressive in the fact that its revenue has been consistently higher than 22 trillion U.S. dollars, and that its profit greatly surpasses the 5 trillion U.S. dollar mark each quarter, and is still rising heavily. This makes the profits of Grand Motors Enterprise larger than many countries' entire economies. Currently, Grand Motors Enterprise is both the largest automotive company in the world and the largest company in the world in terms of profit.