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What type is this (Seal, Coat of arms, etc.) of Grand Duchy of Joyrich
What type is this (Seal, Coat of arms, etc.)
"As above, So Below"
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Capital City Avalon
Official Language(s) Toki Pona
Demonym Santa Catalonian
Established 11/11/2012
(2,654 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler Joyrich, Grand Duke of Santa Catalina
Joyrich, Grand Duke of Santa Catalina
Alliance Knights of the Round Table
Knights of the Round Table
AllianceForumsAllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 11/16/2012 (2,649 days)
Nation Team Pink team Pink
Statistics as of Date of the most recent update to this page
Total population 16,090
 13,041 civilians
 3,049 soldiers
Population Density 73.57
Literacy Rate 21%
Religion Confucianism Confucianism
Total casualties 0
 0 attacking
 0 defending
Casualty Rank 73.15 of 5,242 (1.4%)
Currency Currency Florin Florin
Infrastructure 1,789
Technology 50
Nation Strength 5,929.473
Nation Rank 7,555 of 5,242 (144.12%)
Alliance Rank 18 of 72 (25%)
Efficiency 72.31
Total Area 74.98 sq mi (218.718) (the numbers at the end of your nation link) Earth icon
Environment 1.0 stars (The hidden number located next to your environment level (click-and-drag to highlight the area and see it))
War/Peace War 
Nuclear Weapons
Native Resources Gold Wine
Connected Resources
Coal Fish Gems Gold Lead Lumber Oil Silver Sugar Wine
Bonus Resources Jewelry Microchips

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