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Union of Agriculture
TypeOrganizational Union / Unique
FoundedBesaid, Grand Besaid
Founder(s)A Large Group of Farmers Lead by William Schmidt
HeadquartersBesaid, Grand Besaid
Area servedGrand Besaid

During the time of the War for Independence, the farmers of Grand Besaid were under great stress to produce enough crops for the Grand Besaidian war efforts. With such stress came the need for the farmers to organize not only their efforts so as to allow their nation to claim victory, but also to be able to demand better and more stable prices.

Many farmers had problems with such organization, and many feared that the inflated prices from the war would decrease as the war ended, leaving many farmers in great debt. William Schmidt, a prominent Grand Besaidian farmer and part time lawyer, decided to make a union to protect the interests of the farmers. This Union, the Union of Agriculture, allowed for the farmers of Grand Besaid to be able to demand stable prices and to be able to organize their sales and harvests in a manner to allow for the maximum benefit of their nation along with maximum profit for themselves. It also allowed farmers to be able to unionize, mediate disputes outside of court, obtain legal protection easily, and provide themselves with a central agricultural bank.

After the War for Independence, the union evolved to be much bigger and larger, and became a symbol of the unity of Grand Besaidian farmers. With wheat being one of Grand Besaid's two largest exports, the union is able to have a great deal of influence over the export and import deficits, giving the union a great bargaining tool on the political stage. At current, the Union of Agriculture claims roughly 72,800,000 members, and numerous more observers; thus, making it one of the largest unions in the world.

At current, the members of the Union of Agriculture elect local union presidents and commissions, which help to run local pieces of the union. The union also elects state and regional presidents and commissions, and even a national president and commission; all of which help to organize and support the union at all levels and in all places across the nation.

The Union of Agriculture's logo is a hand drawn picture that was created by William Schmidt's youngest daughter during the first days of the union. He liked her enthusiasm, willingness to help, and picture so much that he used it as the logo for his rallies. It was adopted as the official logo of the union at the very first meeting of the national commission.