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Grammar War
Date January 16–21, 2007
Casus belli RDK: RRA threatens RDK for tech and money

RRA: Defense against unprovoked attacks
NFT: None given
UDC&RIA: Assisting RRA

Result RDK surrenders
NFT: co-leader Cartman couped; AdamBurger takes control of NFT
RRA becomes RIA ProtectoRIte
Republic of Dark Knights


Nations Fighting Together
(Cartmen faction)

Relentless Resistance Alliance


United Defense Contracters

Random Insanity Alliance

Nations Fighting Together (AdamBurger faction) UnknownFlag

Sent From Satan UnknownFlag

11 nations
-RDK: 4 nations
-NFT: 7 nations
~90 nations
-RRA: ~9 nations
-UDC: 6 nations
-RIA:~80 nations
Ribbons Awarded
Honorary Grammar War Vet

The Grammar War was a small scale alliance war which occurred while the Second Great War was raging on. It started when the Republic of Dark Knights declared war upon the Relentless Resistance Alliance. The war expanding to include Nations Fighting Together, who originally joined on the RDK's side but eventually split apart and re-joined on RRA's side, the United Defense Contractors, the Random Insanity Alliance, and Sent From Satan.


RDK declares on RRA[]

the R.D.K. has declarn war whith RRA for threating mebers saying if they do not pay them all tech and 1000k they will be destrod so i have tancin it sersouly and now are at war we are not rouges but we will not stande around and get destord so we attaked first so they may not do what they wanted to that is all. Thank youy for your time
Warlord, leader of the RDK

RRA response[]

The RRA is being attacked for no reason by an alliance called the RDK. The members of their alliance are notorious for lying, cheating and starting wars. They have been considered rogues, and this attack will not be taken softly.

1) War was declared on us, and it would obviously be in our best interests to counter and protect our members.

2) Our name is being falsely slandered by said alliance, as if we were common rogues. Such slander cannot go unchecked.

This wretched display of lies and deceit sicken all of us in The Relentless Resistance. It is a pointless and senseless war. The fact that there is no reason for it is the worst part. We will be victorious, not only for The Resistance, but for all of Cybernations.

Good night, and good luck.
Rocka89, Leader of the Relentless Resistance Alliance

UDC declares on RDK[]

Dear All Readers

The United Defense Contractors (UDC) declare that a great injustice has been committed in the wrong pretext by the R.D.K. and an aggressive action is being carried out upon the good folk of R.R.A and is unjust. Not just for our honor of our alliance and the people who we hold close to ourselves but We must, We will, and We have begun to commit ourselves to the goal of protecting the independence of the R.R.A till some proof (screenshots) can be seen and verified that the actions of the R.D.K are legitimate. Today is a sad day. This is our first war and may our witnesses prove that it will not be our last. We will not resolve to watch our friends disappear into the night. We will not watched houses burned and civilians killed all because someone’s suspicion. We will fight to the last unresolved nation collapses from the powerful strain of war. Good luck and Godspeed.

Comerade Fox

Zhao Zilong
Comerade Fox of the United Defense Contractors

RIA issues support for RRA[]

Over the past week a terrible war has raged across the surface of Planet Bob, shaking its very foundation. This conflict has gone on with no end in sight, until now. Finally, both sides have found common ground and a temporary ceasefire is in place. For the time being, the RIA is at peace with itself.* This change was brought about by a plea from a small alliance, a cry for help. Normally, the RIA wouldn't care, but in this case the similarity between our acronyms was enough to temporarily unite the alliance. The RIA is laying down its arms** until such a time as the RRA are freed from the oppression of whichever alliance it is they are fighting.

For the RIA! For the...uh, oh right, RRA! Viva la RIvolution!

  • Obviously, I was refering to our civil war. What else could I have meant, silly?
    • So that we might pick up larger ones that don't shoot blanks

Azural, Leader
Delta1212, War Advisor

crazyisraelie, Economic Advisor
Azural, Leader of the Random Insanity Alliance

NFT statement[]

I am a coleader of NFT. I dreadfully apoligize for this matter. el cartmen and his cronies got my alliance involved in this mess. I had no knowledge of this matter until members of the UDC contacted me. And yes, members of the NFT do browse these forums. Mainly me though.Sorry again and I hope that peace will soon resolve this matter.
adamtheburger, Co-Leader of Nations Fighting Together

RRA/UDC/RIA ceasefire with NFT[]

To all RIA members, don't attack any NFT members. AdamBurger is taking control of the NFT. He is overthrowing Cartmen. There is a 42 hour ceasefire put into place.
Zhao Zilong of the United Defense Contractors

SFS declares war on RDK and friends[]

SFS declared war on him and his surviving support in defence of UDC.. But hes gone underground. Rest assured if he tries any major offensive SFS will be there to splat him like we promised. Also, Got the senate round to supporting you like I promised Zhao!
The Greatevilfish of Sent From Satan

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