National Flag of Graktola
What type is this (Seal, Coat of arms, etc.) of Graktola
What type is this (Seal, Coat of arms, etc.)
A motto for your nation, in quotes
National Anthem
Name (optional: link to information on the anthem)
Capital City Capital city name
Official Language(s) Your nation's language
Demonym Your nation's demonym
Established month/day/year
Government Type 25px Your nation's government type
Ruler Your nation's ruler name
Your nation's ruler name
Alliance Alliance affiliation (IMPORTANT: leave blank if none)
Alliance affiliation (IMPORTANT: leave blank if none)
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Team color (since Your current team seniority (month/day/year)) Team color
Statistics as of Date of the most recent update to the page
Total population Total population
 Number of civilians civilians
 Number of soldiers soldiers
Population Density Your nations' current population density
Literacy Rate Literacy Rate. Do not add the % symbol%
Religion Your nation's religion Your nation's religion
Total casualties Total casualties
 Attacking casualties attacking
 Defending casualties defending
Casualty Rank Casualty ranking against other nations (number only, leave off # or any text following) of 5,242
Currency Your nation's currency Your nation's currency
Infrastructure Infrastructure level
Technology Technology level
Nation Strength Your nation's national strength
Nation Rank Your rank ONLY (e.g. "12,235," not "Ranked #12,235 of 25,545 Nations (47.90%)") of 5,242
Efficiency Efficiency of your nation, based on NS over time, e.g. 43.35
Total Area Your nation's land area Earth icon
Environment Invalid Environment value (The hidden number located next to your environment level (click-and-drag to highlight the area and see it))
DEFCON Invalid DEFCON value
Native Resources Your resources in braces and seperated with spaces (eg. Coal Sugar)
Connected Resources Connected resources gained through trade (eg. Oil Water)
Bonus Resources Bonus resources gained through trade (eg. Beer Radiation)

When you are done, add your nation to the page here so that it can be displayed on the main page, then, remove this notice. Leave all entries that you don't need or use as blank.

If your national flag is different from the one in-game, upload it via Special:Upload and add your nation's flag to the National Flags category by adding the following tag to your flag's page: [[Category:National Flags]] and add your Coat of Arms, if you have one, to the Coat of Arms by adding the following tag to your Coat of Arms's page after uploading it: [[Category:Coat of Arms]]. Remove this notice when finished.

Nation Information

In Cyber Nations click "View my nation" then extended display, then copy the "Nation Information" into this area. Then, add more information about your nation. Remove the header and use bold on the name of your nation with ''' on each side.

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