Grämlins move into the Bakufu

The Grämlins
Flag of Gramlins
War flag of Sengoku

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: November 25, 2014
Treaty Status: Active

The Grämlins move into the Bakufu is an Optional Defense Optional Aggression Pact (ODoAP) between The Grämlins and Sengoku. It was announced on November 25, 2014 by tobbogon.

Text of the Treaty Edit

Grämlins move into the BakufuEdit

In recognition of their long-standing friendship, The Grämlins and Sengoku hereby formalize their ties.

Reptilian ShinobiEdit

Both signatories agree to share all information pertinent to the others security in a prompt fashion.

Keeping the Mogwai HungryEdit

Both signatories agree not to commit any acts of aggression against the other and to respect the others sovereignty.

The Divine Wind hits at MidnightEdit

If a signatory finds itself under attack, the other is encouraged but not obligated to provide military, financial, or other assistance.

If a signatory chooses to embark on an aggressive expedition, the other may choose to participate.


If the Grämlins choose to go back to home or if the Emperor chooses to revoke their right to stay, a notice of 72 hours must be given during which the above articles still apply.


Signed for The Grämlins:

Signed for Sengoku:



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