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Council of Commissars

Commissar of Internal Affairs
  • Pomegranate

Commissar of Defense

  • Mindhar

Commissar of Foreign Affairs

  • ComradeV

Commissar of Finance

  • starschwar
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The Government of the Union of Communist Republics is based on democratic centralist organization in which legislative power is held by the Communist Party and executive power is held by the Premier with the assistance of the Council of Commissars.


In the UCR, the term “government” refers to the Premier, Commissars, and Lieutenants.


(See Premier of the UCR)

Commissar of Internal AffairsEdit

The Internal Affairs Commissar is responsible for overseeing the general operation of the UCR, to manage new membership training and recruitment, and to manage internal organization. The Commissar also has the power to audit government agencies, and to dismiss incompetent officials. The Internal Affairs department serves a role in the UCR judiciary, and the Commissar can recommend charges against UCR members.

Internal Affairs Commissars
Commissar Term Served Premier
Pomegranate 10/23/18- mrmarx
Mosin 7/1/18-9/1/18 mrmarx
Sondirrasta 10/26/17-7/1/18 mrmarx
TheRedSoviet 10/3/17-10/26/17 mrmarx
Mosin 8/21/17-10/1/17 mrmarx
TheRedSoviet 5/2/17-8/21/17 mrmarx
PravitelstvoRF 3/10/17-5/1/17 mrmarx
Pomegranate 10/20/16-3/10/17 mrmarx
President Harris Puri 3/11/16-Sept. 2016 cheezy
Warren Jarol 11/24/14-Sept. 2015 killinginnocent, AkkenNovikov
Trajanax 1/29/14-10/30/14 ComradeV, killinginnocent
Mosin Nagant ComradeV
Nolaman61 ComradeV

Commissar of DefenceEdit

The Defence Commissar oversees and organizes the UCR military and defensive readiness. The Commissar will watch for any threats to the UCR. The Defence Department tracks defence readiness through roll calls.

Defense Commissars
Commissar Term Served Premier
Mindhar 4/15/20- mrmarx
Blaist Blaland 2/21/18-4/15/20 mrmarx
shwampy 2/2/18-2/21/18 mrmarx
ComradeV 10/26/17-2/2/18 mrmarx
Blaist Blaland 11/5/16-10/26/17 mrmarx
mrmarx 2/27/16-20/20/16 AkkenNovikov, cheezy
RA2Leader 6/16/12-Jan. 2016 Gatorback05, ComradeV, Killinginnocent, AkkenNovikov
Zer0President 9/15/11-Apr. 2012 RA2Leader, ZeroRemorse
Rutherford 6/10/11-9/15/11 RA2Leader

Commissar of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Foreign Affairs Commissar is the senior diplomat of the UCR and maintains its various foreign embassies. The Commissar is to represent the UCR and maintain contact with allies.

Foreign Affairs Commissars
Commissar Term Served Premier
ComradeV 2/2/18- mrmarx
TheRedSoviet 10/26/17-1/6/18 mrmarx
ComradeV 7/24/17-10/26/17 mrmarx
chrismathews 6/12/17-7/24/17 mrmarx
AkkenNovikov 4/16/17-5/31/17 mrmarx
chrismathews 10/21/16-4/16/17 mrmarx
mrmarx 5/30/15-2/27/16 AkkenNovikov
Sergei Romanov 11/17/14-4/23/15 killinginnocent, AkkenNovikov
Position replaced by DLFACC (1/26/13-11/17/14)
SubcomandanteVL 11/16/13-12/8/13 ComradeV
Comrade Ronjoy 1/29/13-??? ComradeV
Sovyet Gelibolu 10/20/12-??? gatorback05, ComradeV
Karkas 1/6/12-??? ZeroRemorse, gatorback05
Zeroremorse  ???-12/25/11 RA2Leader

Commissar of FinanceEdit

The Finance Commissar is the treasurer of the UCR, managing trades, tech deals, and financial aid programs. The office was dissolved by the Constitutional Reform of February 2016, and its powers and duties were merged with the Commissar of Internal Affairs until August 2017, when the office was re-established by executive order of Premier mrmarx. The office was added back to the Constitution in the Grand Constitutional Reform Package of 2017.

Finance Commissars
Commissar Term Served Premier
starschwar 11/16/19- mrmarx
Pomegranate 10/3/17-11/16/19 mrmarx
TheRedSoviet 8/21/17-10/3/17 mrmarx
Position Abolished (2/18/16-8/21/17)

Communist Party of the UCREdit

Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics
Founded2008, 2017
PolitburoMakao, Pomegranate, ComradeV
Official colors      Red

The CPUCR was the Union's legislative body before the establishment of the General Assembly. Unlike the GA, CPUCR members were elected from the general membership. The Party was re-established by Premier mrmarx as part of the Grand Constitutional Reform Package of 2017. The party now serves as a body to encourage activity among the membership. Members of the Party elect a Politburo, which votes on treaties and various government policies.

Political Bureau of the CPUCREdit

The Politburo is elected from the Party to a term of 6 months. The number of seats on the Politburo is specified by the Premier prior to the election. The Politburo elects the Chairman, considers the Premier's candidates for government office, votes on legislation, and serves as a Jury for matters of Justice.

Politburo Members
Term Members Chairman
1st Politburo

(Nov '17-May)

Makao, Pomegranate, Sondirrasta, Blaist Blaland ComradeV
2nd Politburo

(May-Nov '18)

Makao, Pomegranate, Blaist Blaland ComradeV
3rd Politburo

(Nov '18-May)

Makao, ComradeV, Pomegranate ComradeV
4th Politburo

(May-Nov '19)

Makao, ComradeV, Pomegranate ComradeV
5th Politburo

(Nov '19-May)

Makao, ComradeV, Pomegranate ComradeV

Chairman of the CPUCREdit

The Party Chairman serves the role of the Premier's deputy, and ensures that his requests are carried out. The Chairman can also take on the role of Acting Premier in an emergency. The Chairman can charge members for infractions, and sit as Judge during trial.

Chairman of the CPUCR
Term Chairman Premier
1st Politburo


ComradeV mrmarx
2nd Politburo ComradeV mrmarx
3rd Politburo ComradeV mrmarx
4th Politburo ComradeV mrmarx
5th Politburo ComradeV mrmarx
UCR gov structure

Defunct Government OfficesEdit

Commissar of CensusEdit

The Census Commissar was in charge of the UCR's record-keeping and roll-calls. The office was dissolved by the Constitutional Reform of February 2016, and its powers and duties were merged with the Commissar of Defense.


The Die Linke Foreign Affairs Coordinating Committee was established to handle the collective foreign affairs of the bloc. This body replaced the role of Foreign Affairs Commissar while UCR was a DL member.

Political CommissarsEdit

An early version of the NKVD, Political Commissars served as recruiters, and as general government staff, helping to carry out policy.

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