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The branch's government duty's are as followedEdit

Supreme Soviet - Is the Head Of State And government And Is Commander In Chief Of The Soviet Armed Forces

Commissar Of State - is in charge of embassy's in other country's and is in charge of gathering information on people who come in to the country and who visit or who becomes a citizen and gather Intel on things and give the documents to the Supreme Soviet President Daily.

Commissar Of Defense - Maintains classified records and information regarding security clearances, creates immigration policies, conducts special criminal investigations, operates anti-terrorism units. Serves as liaison between the Agency for National Defense and is in charge of the soviet borders and safe sky's over the kingdom of the soviet union Also In Charge Of The KGB Army

Commissar Of Interior - There in charge of the government land looking nice and peaceful good looking they are in charge of planting new trees flowers and bushes and taking great care of them when needed to be taken care of they are also in charge of the Soviet Union national parks Making it looking great for the citizens who walk the parks.

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