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Gottrich Northeim
Duke of Tylen
Gottrich Northeim

Lord of the Ipatiev Council
In office
5th November 2009 – present
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent

Nordreich Minister of the Interior
In office
January 2010 – May 2011

Born 28 August 1975
508px-Wappen nrw svg Westphalia, Germany
Nationality Germrus German/Russian
Political party GDNP1Größdeutsche Partie
Spouse Alexandra Elena Volkova Northeim
Children Mika Alexandra Northeim; Wilhelm Oliver Northeim
Religion Lutheranseal Lutheran
Signature Gotsig

Gottrich Northeim is the proud ruler of Tylen and Herzog within the Greater Northern Empire. Since his immigration to the Nordlands in early 2007, Gottrich Northeim has served the cause of Nordland from a number of positions in two of the three major Nordreich reincarnations, (Norden Verein & Sons of Muspel) before finally rejoining the revitalized Nordreich shortly after the alliance's rebirth to Cyber Nations. Before Nordreich's 2009 reinception on Planet Bob, Gottrich Northeim was one of the larger contributors and more influential voices of the early Nordreich Rebirth project on Nemhauser's Nordreich Bloodlines forum which were established before the Continuum-NoV War, and ultimately lead to the founding of the Nordreich community forums and the move of Nordreich from Sigmund Ceowolf's address to the new and improved address under Nemhauser. A couple of Gottrich's crowning achievements in the reformation project include the founding of the Nordland University (Nordreich's Academy and Junior members program) and his work on Nordreich's nobilities program which he headed along side John C Calhoun.

Positions held since the Reformation[]

  • Nordreich Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
  • Feldmarschall Großdeutschland Division
  • Feldmarschall Mjollnir Division
  • Nordreich Althing Member
  • Nordreich Minister of the Interior

Medals and Declorations since the Reformation[]

Medal Ribbon Name Campaign Date Awarded
N/A FallWintergewitter Fall Wintergewitter Campaign Medal Bipolar War Thursday March 4 2010
NoRIroncross3 NoRIroncross ribbon3 Iron Cross Third Class Bipolar War Thursday March 4 2010
NoRWoundbadge1 NoRWoundbadge ribbon1 Wound Badge Gold Bipolar War Thursday March 4 2010
NoRNuke x3 ribbon Nuclear Wound Badge (3) Bipolar War Thursday March 4 2010
N/A NoRWaraid ribbon3 War Aid Award Third Class Bipolar War
N/A Servicemedal Fall Dämmerung Campaign Medal PB-NpO War Tuesday February 15 2011
Ironcross ribbon2 Iron Cross Second Class PB-NpO War Tuesday February 15 2011
Woundbadge ribbon3 Wound Badge Bronze PB-NpO War Tuesday February 15 2011
NoRNuke x3 ribbon Nuclear Wound Badge (3) PB-NpO War Tuesday February 15 2011

Biographical Information[]

Gottrich Northeim was born August 28, 1975 in the small home of his parents Wilhelm and Andrea Northeim. Gottrich grew up on his family property nestled in the Northern Rhine where he worked diligently with his father to care for the family livestock and produce wine to sell in neighbouring villages. Young Gottrich was home schooled by his mother until the age of 16 so that his schooling could take place in the hours after working with his father. In 1991 Gottrich's father, Christian Northeim traveled to Serbia at the request of extended family to aid in the on going civil conflict.

In 1993, Gottrich graduated from Fachhochschule Dortmund accredited by the school for continued education. Gottrich was adored by the school staff, even while many of his teachers were skeptical of his political involvement with the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD) who awarded the youth a scholarship to help with his pursuit of a double Doctorate in Political Sciences, and Human biology. In 1998, Gottrich transferred from Wilhelms-University Münster to the Preußische Kriegsakademie when he enlisted as an officer in German Infantry. During his time employed by the German Armed forces, Gottrich would do two tours of duty,Bringing back several commendations for excellence in service to Germany and NATO. Following his second tour, Gottrich took on the role of instructor in the Preußische Kriegsakademie where he would work until his release was finalized in November 2001.

In January 2002, Gottrich moved back to his family plot in Schwerte, Westphalia where he used his military experience to establish an extreme sports and fitness franchise,Größdeutsche-Eignung which would later become the home base the Größdeutsche-nationalistische partei founded in April 2002. On the 13th of July 2002 Gottrich announced that he would be officially pursuing a career in politics as head of the international GDNP. This was accompanied by the publication of reports declaring high levels of support for the party across Central and Northern Europe0

By September 2005- only three years after it's founding, the Größdeutsche Partie broke records when Gottrich led them to victory in Germany- forming a minority government in the Bundestag where he would bring forth the first motions for Germany to resign memberships from NATO and the EU in favour of joining the revived Nordreich alliance- a group said to be more in line with the ideals and inclinations of contemporary Germany.

In Early 2008, the Größdeutsche Partie under Gottrich's leadership had crushed all political opposition and gained a majority government in Germany despite international scorn and threats of embargo by the socialist EU. Finally in Septmber of 2009 after nearly a decade of service to the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, he was re-assigned to the Neugroßdeutsche Lösung, or the revived Pröjekt Großdeutschland through which Germany would push promote the slow anexation and nationalization of ceded communist territories under the banner of Nordreich.

On May 11th of 2009, Tylen was founded in such a territory.