In office
March 1, 2011 – Ongoing
Preceded by Oli

In office
February 22, 2009 – October 12, 2009
Preceded by Sam, Ololiqui
Succeeded by Dr. Fresh, NeuralLink, Oli

Assumed office
December 16, 2009

Minister of the Interior of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
In office
October 18, 2008 – February 22, 2009
Preceded by Ewatk432
Succeeded by Rextu
In office
October 20, 2007 – November 11, 2008
Preceded by Link229
Succeeded by Greg is your ruler
In office
December 18, 2007 – May 16, 2008
Preceded by Greg is your ruler
Succeeded by GONEfishin34

High Councillor of the
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
In office
August 14, 2007 – October 28, 2007
In office
October 14, 2008 – February 22, 2009
In office
March 22, 2009 – October 12, 2009

Transition Council of the
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
In office
February 22, 2009 – March 22, 2009

Gopherbashi is a member and a Chancellor of MCXA.

Creation and Name[edit | edit source]

Gopherbashi created Crisconia on December 21, 2006, after discovering Cybernations when it was posted on an alternate history forum which he frequented. He came with several friends and together they were recruited to join the National Alliance of Arctic Countries. The name Gopherbashi is a portmontage between the words Gopher, which was his nickname in high school, and bashi, adopted from the title Turkmenbashi, which translates to Leader of the Turkmen.

National Alliance of Arctic Countries[edit | edit source]

Upon joining the National Alliance of Arctic Countries in December 2006, Gopherbashi quickly rose through the ranks, first serving as a military battalion commander before being appointed as Minister of Interior in February 2007 by Protector AlmightyGrub.

The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance[edit | edit source]

The National Alliance of Arctic Countries disbanded on April 14th, 2007, after which Gopherbashi joined the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance. He began his service as a commander of the MCXA second battalion and was first elected to the alliance's High Council in August 2007. He briefly served as MoI during our Fourth High Council, resigned, and then was once again MoI for the Fifth, Sixth, and most of the Seventh High Councils. He was Director of Recruiting for some indeterminate amount of time, before being appointed to the Tenth High Council and elected to the Eleventh High Council, also serving during both terms as Minister of Finance on February of 2009.

The Unmerger[edit | edit source]

There was a considerable level of internal drama and treason accusations within the alliance. Not only were emotions running high regarding what our treaty obligations should be (and therefore who we would fight alongside in the upcoming conflict), but emotions were running high about emotions running high - the debate about the debate was something that was very difficult to handle, and it eventually turned into personal attacks which spiralled out of control. Having expulsion demands running rampant didn't help things either, which only added to the hostile environment, and it got to the point where I was going to ask everyone if we should just disband and get it over with, if the alternative was being at each other's throats for the rest of eternity. One of the sides in that debate apparently had the same thoughts as I did, and decided to throw in the towel less than 12 hours before I arrived at the same decision.
Gopherbashi on his most challenging moment in Cybernations

On Febuary 22nd The Sweet Oblivion was formed with much of MCXA's government and most powerful members who were tired of internal drama in MCXA. This left MCXA severely lacking in leadership. Gopherbashi stepped up into MCXA's transitional council for the next month. He then became a chanceolor of MCXA until October 12th, 2009. He was one of the critical leaders helped MCXA survive the ordeal. For his work he was awarded the title MCXA Hero, the highest award given by MCXA. He was also nominee for best alliance leader of the year in 2009.

Sanction Race[edit | edit source]

Gopherbashi is currently one of the most frequent updaters of The Amazing Sanction Race. He also currently runs the Sanction Race's Survivor component.

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