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Goonland "Yimookratikem Ruypublik Joomlat"
Official Flag of Goonland "Yimookratikem Ruypublik Joomlat"

National Flag
"The fine land"
Capital City Logotopia
Official Language(s) Goonish, Armenian, and English
Established 6/28/2009
(5,497 days old)
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Ruler James Barnaby
Alliance Viridian Entente
Viridian Entente
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Green Green
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Euro Euro
Native Resources Uranium Wheat

Relation to the Goons Alliance[]

The name of nation Goonland has no relation to the Goons Alliance.

National History[]

From Humble Beginnings[]

The nation of Goonland (Goonish name: Yemokraetike Roypublik Joomlat) started off as a small region in northern Canada controlled by the Czech as a part of the Canadian - Czech Conflict. Soon after, most of the Canadian population that lived in the region had emigrated while at the same time, many Czech had immigrated.

The New Immigrants settled in, but over time many Goons formed Goonangs, better known as "Goonland Gangs".


The goons were unhappy with the laws that the Czech government had placed on the region. The goons planned a revolution, and the masses followed. It was quite a violent revolution, that many of the goons themselves were caught in their own fire. After the "goonolution" as it was named, the goons did however change their goon ways, and settled down to create a peaceful self governed country, thus the nation of Goonland was Formed.

Democratic Republic Of Goonland[]

After large changes in recent wars around 2010, the Goonland goverment succumbed to rioting amongst it's citizens, and the republic was changed once again in a revolution—this time peaceful. The Country is now properly known as the "Democratic Republic of Goonland".



January 1 - New Years Day

February 14 - Republic Day

June 1 - Soldiers Remembrance Day

June 28 - Day of the Goonolution

July 6 - Jan Hus Day

October 14 - Festival of the Fall

December 25 - Christmas

Scientific Studies[]

Goonland provides the leading edge in technology compared to many other countries. For it's size, it's often considered a well advanced nation by many, providing things, such as Radiation Cleanup, Automobiles, Asphalt, Universities, Hospitals and more.

Popular Culture[]

Citizens of goonland often enjoy orchestral concerts, relaxing by the coastline, or an evening at the town square, local stores, and restaurants. Mostly a mixture of western music, and folk goonish music are popular amongst the citizens.


General Landscape[]

The landscape of the country is mostly comprised of hills, mountains and valleys in between, with large coniferous and deciduous forests. Seasons tend to be more mild, with an average 30 degrees Celsius in the summer time and an average of -8 degrees Celsius during the winter time. It is a nation in the northern hemisphere.

Other Notable Mentions[]

National Draft[]

When of old enough age, young men are drafted into the military for a 4 year term, if they are physically capable. Soldiers may then continue with another 4 year term in the general army, or those who are exceptionally skilled will be recruited to join the "Black Horses", an elite combat unit of Goonland.

Larger Wars In Which Goonland Partook[]

Karma War (On the Karma Side, Viridian Entente)

Second Unjust War (On the C&G Side, Mostly Harmless Alliance)

Dave War (On the SF/XX Side, Viridian Entente)

Equilibrium War (On the DH and C&G Side, Viridian Entente)