Golden Union of Nations


Motto:None currently

Team Color Yellow
Chief of Staff
Secretary of War
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Finance
  • absent
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  • absent
GUN Government
International Relations
  • [1]ODAP with NSF
AllianceStats Statistics last Updated: July 22, 2012
Members 22
Nation Strength 180,894
Avg. Strength 8,222
Nukes 28
Aid Slots 11 / 99 (11.11%)
Rank 126
Score 1.26

Golden Union of Nations (GUN) was a small sized alliance on the Yellow Sphere. GUN merged with Civitas Solis to create Solis at the beginning of August 2013.

History of the Golden Union of NationsEdit

GUN started as a project by Vandelsand in early July, 2013. Vandelsand inquired to many nations of rundown alliances as to whether they were interested in creating an alliance of their own to stand the tests of time. The initial stages of the alliance creation were done through voting online. The members voted for type of government and alliance name separately. There was a runoff vote for the alliance name and Golden Union of Nations was the most popular choice.

GUN merged with Civitas Solis to create Solis at the beginning of August 2013. GUN existed for a total of 22 days.

Flag of GUNEdit

The GUN Flag is a golden backdrop with 21 stars. The 21 total stars represent the 21 members of the alliance at the time of their Declaration of Existence. The two stars in the middle are representative of the Chief and Chief of Staff of the alliance.

Charter of GUNEdit

Article 1: MembershipEdit

  • All rulers will be accepted into GUN pending they:
  • Register on our forums and submit a simple application
  • Are involved in no active wars with another alliance
  • Are not a member of any other alliance
  • Members are not required to change their color, though the alliance is on the yellow sphere.
  • The Chief and Chief of Staff may ban any member they see unworthy of GUN membership.

Article 2: GovernmentEdit

  • The Chief is the high-ruler of the government and the rulers of the alliance. The Chief oversees alliance operations.
  • The Chief of Staff is selected by the Chief and is the heir expectant to the alliance. The Chief of Staff oversees alliance operations with the Chief.
  • Secretaries: The Secretaries are selected by the Chief of Staff and approved by the Chief. All Secretaries may appoint assistants as needed.
  • The Secretary of War ensures GUN’s military capabilities are taken care of and may appoint Generals as needed.
  • The Secretary of the Interior is responsible for maintaining alliance membership applications and is overall responsible for the education of the alliance. The Education Director reports to the Secretary of the Interior.
  • The Secretary of Finance is responsible for the financial well being of the alliance. The Tech Market Director and Trade Circle Director report directly to the Secretary of Finance.
  • The Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SoFA) is responsible for inter-alliance contact and treaty maintenance. The SoFA may appoint ambassadors as needed.
  • The Chief is a permanent position. In the event the Chief is absent for any reason, the Chief of Staff will be his/her proxy and responsible for all alliance matters. Only the Chief may remove the Chief of Staff from his/her position. Upon permanent absence of the Chief, the Chief of Staff will bear the title of Chief.

Article 3: WarEdit

  • All members of GUN are expected to participate in wartime operations when called to do so.
  • All members of GUN may express the right to raid unaligned nations at their own free will and accept all risk of doing so.
  • No member of GUN may attack another alliance without a joint declaration of war from the Chief and Chief of Staff.

Article 4: AmendmentsEdit

  • Amendments may be made to this Charter for the benefit of the alliance.

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