This alliance has disbanded as of August 5, 2010. More information is available here.
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Global United Nations

GUN Official Flag
Team Color Aqua team Aqua
Founded May 12th, 2007
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AllianceStats Statistics as of 03/10/10

Total Nations 38
Strength 1,027,775
Avg. Strength 27,047
Nukes 279
Score 3.93
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GUN ConstitutionEdit

Main article: GUN Constitution

GUN HistoryEdit

Pre-existential GUNEdit

Emperor Zhaan of Darfazia and mglockwo of Titea began construction of the Global United Nations on May 12, 2007. Previously, the two had worked together in running an organization in Cyber Nation's sister site, CyberCitizens. The members on that forum were very close and Zhaan and mglockwo wanted to bring that atmosphere over to CN. Zhaan and mglockwo worked for several days constructing the forums and drafting a Charter.

On May 20, 2007 GUN was announced to the CyberNations community. The alliance started with six original members with Zhaan, mglockwo, BrandonMBW, OldBoy, George Lynch, and Slfr14. But these small numbers didn't last long as within a few days of our official announcement Fred 5 of Fog Hog 5 joined the alliance and brought with him several members of his disbanded alliance the Green Roman Commonwealth.

The Leaders AriseEdit

On May 28, 2007 several members were promoted to fill leadership roles in the alliance. Fred 5 and George Lynch were promoted to Security Council. Slfr14, BrandonMBW, and MacDaddy were promoted to Economic and Social Council with TardArm joining them two weeks later. OldBoy was made the Secretary General and became the third Admin in addition to Zhaan and mglockwo.

Growth and ProgressEdit

The alliance grew at an astonishing rate due to the efforts of several members recruiting night and day. The alliance surpassed 100k total nation strength on June 16, 2007 but the growth didn't end there. For that was the day that a certain member joined the alliance and started a recruiting drive the likes of which none has ever seen. Rvnrooron84 was able to recruit 10 nations to the alliance within his first 4 days of membership. He brought with him several friends from a Singapore Community forum.

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