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The Global Protectorate Accords is a protectorate pact which, created by the Global Protection Force (GPF) in June 2012. All alliances in it are protected by GPF.

The Global Protectorate Accords[]


In the interest of friendship and protection we, the undersigned alliances, agree to the following Protectorate-ODAP Treaty.

Article I: Sovereignty[]

The undersigned alliances shall remain independent. This treaty shall not impose any restriction that may threaten the sovereignty of the other parties.

Article II: Peace[]

The undersigned agree to remain at peace with one another at all times. No signatory shall engage or be associated with any military action or espionage against the other.

Article III: Aid[]

All signatories are welcome to aid each other freely without restriction. The dealing of technology between signatories is highly encouraged as is aid for growth.

Article IV: Intelligence[]

The undersigned agree to share any intelligence they may have about the other entities of this treaty.

Article V: Optional Defense and Protection[]

In the event of an attack on any of the below signatories, the other signatories are encouraged but not obliged to defend them. The Global Protection Force shall defend all signatories.

Article VI: Optional Aggression[]

In the event of any of the below signatories declaring an offensive war, the other signatories are encouraged but not obliged to declare along side them. All entities are strongly discouraged to engage in military conflict and instead work towards a diplomatic solution to any disagreements.

Article VII: Foreign Affairs[]

Signatories remain sovereign alliances. Foreign policies and treaties, however, must first be approved by the Government of the Global Protection Force prior to further discussion.

Article VIII: Withdrawal and Upgrades[]

All signatories reserve the right to withdraw from this pact with 48 hours notice. When signatories feel they have outgrown this pact, an upgrade may be discussed. The Global Protection Force reserves the right to remove any signatory for a breach in the agreement.

Article IX: Ratification[]

Signed for the Global Protection Force[]

  • Colonel Brick, Secretary General
  • KCahill, Deputy Secretary General
  • Markfrancos, Master of Foreign Affairs
  • MrChaos, Master of Defense
  • XxWatchmanxx, Master of Recruitment
  • Tendo, Master of Internal Affairs

Signed for TENE[]

  • Diego18, Emperor
  • 98ironman988, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for BMD[]

  • CaptainAizen, Commanding Devil
  • Jimmy "The Cat Butler" , Internal Commander