The Global Hegemony is a term for the dominant powers of the Cyberverse. It refers to any group/coalition of alliances that routinely exerts its will across Planet Bob by virtue of its superior political, military, and economic might. Generally speaking, Great Wars are fought to determine Hegemony.

List of Historical HegemoniesEdit

Hegemonic Power Began Ended Notes
January, 2006
First Great War
Summer, 2006
In the early days of Cyber Nations the only two alliances were Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) and Imperial Nations Coalition (INC). The two alliances fought CN's first alliance war, and GATO came out on top, with INC disbanding. The exact dates of the GATO-INC War are unknown, although it definitively took place in early January. GATO emerged as CN's only alliance, although this ended with the New Pacific Order (NPO) and Orange Defense Network (ODN) invasion from NationStates, and the creation of alliances such as the National Alliance of Artic Countries. GATO's hegemony was in power until the First Great War.
CoaLUEtion First Great War
Summer, 2006
Second Great War
January, 2007
The CoaLUEtion was a large coalition of alliances who fought the Orders, Pacifica and Polaris, in the First Great War. CoaLUEtion's status as a hegemony is disputed because they neither won a clear victory in the war, nor leverage what victory it could claim into a dominant political position. Nonetheless, it can be argued that the CoaLUEtion likely had the military/economic capacity to be the hegemonic force after GW1. Months later most alliances in the CoaLEUtion created the coalition known as The League while an opposing power sphere emerged called The Initiative which was founded by the signatories of the World Unity Treaty. Shortly thereafter events between the newly founded Farkistan alliance and their long time rivals, Goon Order of Neutral Shoving, transpired and led to the Second Great War where The Initiative defeated The League. Soon after GWII The League disbanded leaving The Initiative as CN's hegemony.
The Initiative Third Great War
Spring, 2007
The Unjust War
September, 2007
With The League disbanded after the Second Great War The Initiative rose as the world's next hegemony. The Initiative was challenged a few months later in the Third Great War by AEGIS which was largely made up of remnants of The League as well as other blocs, notably The Sphere MDP bloc. After the destruction of AEGIS, The Initiative enjoyed virtually unchallenged hegemony in the Cyberverse. This ended when the Initiative and her allies began to split due to the so-called "Modgate" incident in August 2007 as well as other tensions. In September 2007, most of the alliances remaining in the Initiative (the Unjust Path) and their allies (the Unjust Highway) were defeated by a coalition known as ~, which was centered around several alliances who had left The Initiative.
The Hegemony (Power Sphere) The Unjust War
September, 2007
Karma War
Summer, 2009
After the Unjust War, the victorious alliances and the New Pacific Order formed the core of the dominant "power cluster" that eventually became simply known as The Hegemony. The blocs Continuum, One Vision, SuperFriends, Citadel, and (until the Coalition War) BLEU formed the core of this sphere, with numerous other blocs and alliances tied to them. One major split in the Hegemony came in August 2008, when BLEU and allies were defeated by Continuum, One Vision, Citadel, Superfriends and numerous allies. The Hegemony began to split for good in late 2008, and continued to do so until the Karma War in April 2009. Along with the Continuum being dissolved, the forces of the Hegemony have surrendered and haven most of their MDP web broken up. The Hegemony ended when NPO and later TPF surrendered in the summer of 2009, thus ending the Karma War.
SuperGrievances Karma War
Summer, 2009
Fall, 2010 Most of the alliances that came together to win the Karma War were informally called "Karma", a result of a post from the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom. After the war, observers both within and without have described the two blocs Superfriends and the Complaints and Grievances Union as being practically one power bloc, nicknamed 'Super Grievances' (alternately, Super Complaints) with the former powers in ruin afterwards. When the Bipolar War came around, alliances found themselves in similar alignments, and similar results.
DH/PB/CnG Coalition Fall, 2010 Equilibrium War
January, 2013
After the Bipolar War the Super Complaints coalition started to separate. In October 2010 two powerful blocs were formed, Pandora's Box and the Doom House Accords, both with heavy ties to C&G and thus the DH/PB/C&G Hegemony was formed. Together they asserted their dominance with the help of the SuperFriends in the PB-NpO War/DH-NPO War that erupted in January 2011. In late 2011 during the Grudge War DH/PB were victorious again working together with PF, Mjölnir, Duckroll, BFF and NPOsphere against the Superfriends, Dos Equis (XX), Sentinel and Polarsphere coalition. After the Grudge War both Pandora's Box and Mjölnir disbanded. The DH/C&G coalition then went on to defeat the SF/XX coalition again in the summer of 2012 in the Dave War. The coalition would finally face defeat during the Equilibrium War.
TBD Equilibrium War
January, 2013
TBD Following the victory in the Equilibrium War, the New Pacific Order and her allies were in a dominant position. However due to poor conduct and differing post-war viewpoints the war coalition soon fell apart. It's remnants were defeated a year after their victory in the Disorder War.

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