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Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
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Flag of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Flag of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

GATO War Flag
GATO War Flag
GATO Motto: Strength in Unity, Honour in Justice
Team Color Brown team.gif Brown
Founder(s) Depraved
Founded January 12th, 2006

Assembly Chairperson

Deputy Assembly Chairman


Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Charles V

Minister of Justice

  • HannaH

Minister of Defense

  • Vlad

Minister of Domestic Affairs

  • Dragonpyre

Minister of Finance

Other Officials

Grand Inquisitor Levon

Electoral Commissioner Overlord Wes
Brown Senate
International relations See below

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 6/14/2022

Total Nations 53
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 127,968
Nukes 1,161
Rank 10
Score 29.28
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The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) is a sanctioned brown team alliance. It is also currently the oldest alliance in the Cyberverse. It is based on the values of Honour, Justice, Democracy, and Truth. It is the largest representative democracy in all of Planet Bob.

On January 30, 2019, GATO became a founding member of the military bloc Roll For Initiative.

Government Structure[]


Main article: Charter of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

The Charter is the highest law in GATO, and dictates the government and legal structure of the alliance. The Charter defines the leading roles in government, and also establishes an hierarchy of the legal systems within the alliance.

General Assembly[]

The General Assembly is the body composed of all the Members of GATO. The General Assembly has the authority to debate and vote on all Elections, Confirmation Votes, Votes of No Confidence, Charter Amendments, Treaties, War & Peace Votes, Laws, and Pardon Recommendations. Any Member of the General Assembly may propose any of the aforementioned at any time without restriction, except for Charter Amendments, Laws, and Pardon Recommendations, which shall have their votes done at the end of each calendar month.

Assembly Chairman[]

See also: Assembly Chairman of GATO

The Assembly Chairperson (AC) of GATO is the leading figure in the alliance. They both act as the head of government and represent GATO in foreign negotiations. In addition, the AC has the power to create departments and to coordinate the work of the various Ministries. The AC has veto power over acts passed by the General Assembly. The AC is elected directly by the General Assembly once every three months, and may not serve for more than four consecutive terms.

There have been many changes to AC's tenure length, the most recent charter amendment in May 2015 lengthened the AC's term from two months to three months and allows for the AC to serve four consecutive terms instead of three.


See also: Defense Minister of GATO, Domestic Affairs Minister of GATO, Finance Minister of GATO, and Foreign Affairs Minister of GATO

There are five major ministries in the GATO government; Domestic Affairs (MoDA), Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Defense (MoD), Minister of Justice (MoJ) and Finance (MoF). Each ministry is led by a minister, who is appointed by the Assembly Chairman and confirmed by the General Assembly. The Ministries hold distinct responsibilities dictated by the Charter and the AC. The MoDA coordinates the internal affairs of the alliance that do not deal with the exchange of money. The MoFA coordinates relations with other alliances and represents GATO in negotiations. The MoD coordinates the defense of GATO against both rogues and hostile alliances. Finally, the MoF coordinates the growth of GATO through money-based programs.

Prior to the charter amendment in early May 2015 Ministers were elected directly by the General Assembly instead of appointed by the Assembly Chairman. The most recent iteration of the charter added the MoJ in response to the creation of the Grand Inquisitor.

Grand Inquisitor[]

The Grand Inquisitor (GI) is elected to three-month terms as with the Assembly Chairperson. The GI is vested with all Judicial authority in the alliance and has the right to give advisory opinions on any aspect of the Charter or Laws of the alliance.

Electoral Commissioner[]

The Electoral Commissioner (EC) facilitates all voting procedures and makes sure that all regulations regarding votes are followed. The EC is a role with no term limits, although its re-election is made possible every three months.

Defunct Government Bodies[]

See also: Defunct Ministries of GATO

When Gato was created there were many government bodies, such as ministries for elections, trades, immigration, justice, and Media. The Ministry of Justice was removed to its own organization under the High Court, while Elections transferred to the Assembly Chairman. Trades, Immigration, and Media were combined into the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

See also: Congress of GATO

The Congress was composed of five elected members, who served for two-month terms. The Congress elected a Speaker for procedural purposes at the start of each two-month session. The Congress voted on wars and peace, legislation, pardons, foreign treaties, as well as the cancellation thereof.

That power was returned to the General Assembly on August 1st, 2014.

High Court[]

Three High Court Justices were elected to six-month terms on that start on Jan 1st, and on July 1st of the year. The High Court was vested with all Judicial authority in the alliance and had the right to give advisory opinions on any aspect of the Charter or Laws of the alliance.

That power was delegated to the Grand Inquisitor.


Main article: History of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

The history of GATO is closely intertwined with the history of Cybernations at large, as the oldest alliance in the game.

History moved to history of GATO page.

War history[]

Main article: Wars of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

International Relations[]

Main article: Treaties of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Former Blocs are listed on the Treaties Page.

See also[]

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