Glazov (Finn. Kalasovo, Russ. Глазов, Udmt. Glazkar) is a city in Uralica, within the region of Udmurtiya, the ancestral homeland of the Udmurt people - it is the county seat of Udmurtiya North. It was the fifth settlement with official city status to be annexed by the nation.

Glazov is just outside the fertile chernozem soils that cover most of southern and western Uralica, however it is important to the internal wheat trade nonetheless because of its position on a major highway (UH-4), leading south to Izhevsk and various other important centres of trade. There is also a burgeoning metal-refining industry and a small hi-tech sector in the city. Sometimes Glazov is referred to as "The City Of Steel and Glass" because of these two things being the most important products produced in Glazov. It should be noted that Glazov is the largest city in Uralica without at least a joint international airport - its airport only offers flights within Uralica. The nearest international airport, not surprisingly, is in Izhevsk.

Culture Edit

Given its location in Udmurtiya, it's only natural that 95% of the population belongs to the Udmurt Tribe. Most of the remainder is Russian, with a miniscule number of Ob Ugrics. There is a particularly Udmurt flavour to the city's more modern architecture, and the best example of this is the city's tallest building, the Uralikan Ykköspankki Building.

As its name might imply, Glazov is also known for its glaziers. Fine glass is produced here from quartz and flux materials mined within Uralica, sometimes in the quarries not far from Glazov itself.

Sport Edit

The most popular sport in Glazov bar none is football (soccer), and Glazovskis are very proud of the fact that the player widely regarded as Uralica's best, Dinamo Kirov superstar Khavkuk Shlomov, was born in the city.

Football (soccer) Edit

Ykkönen Edit

Kolmonen Edit

  • KSFK Glazov
  • Torpedo Glazov

Nelonen Edit

  • FK Glazov
  • Spartak Glazov

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Dinamo Glazov
  • Energiya Glazov
  • Zavod Glazov
  • Metallurg Glazov
  • Mashinostroitel Glazov
  • Stekolshchik Glazov
  • Stal Glazov
  • Udmurtiya Glazov
  • Transit Glazov
  • CSKA Glazov
  • Bumazhnik Glazov
  • Fakel Glazov

Basketball Edit

  • Glazovski Basketklub

Rugby Sevens Edit

  • Glazov Golems

Handball Edit

  • Glazkarin KPK

Ice Hockey Edit

  • HK Glazov

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Kachkasur (Finn. Kattasurri)
  • Syga (Finn. Sukka)
  • Soldyr' (Finn. Solturi)
  • Adam (same in Finnish)
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