Glathen Union
GU Motto: Divided we fall united we stand
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Tyanogy Glitchblade, Spudnir, Lloyed Wringly, Gk-man, mkuklo
Founded early 2006
  • Donikai: Tyanogy Glitchblade
  • Gylfi: Spudnir
International relations We are in the Imperium MADP web bloc along with SnoW, BE, and SyN
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Originally called Glathen alliance, an alliance founded by Tyanogy Glitchblade for friends to await the formation of Nordreich. When the long awaited formation of Nordreich finally came to be, the alliance was absorbed by them, as planned. A few months after the NoRway Incident Tyanogy Glitchblade was stripped of rank and exiled from the Nordland, never to be allowed to return again. Dissatisfied with this action, The other 'Glathens' seceded from Nordreich, reformed as the Glathen Union and appointed Tyanogy Glitchblade as its head of state, with Spudnir as second in command. The alliance, now as Glathen Union amassed a total of 46 nations at its height. After the fall of the Imperium the alliance aligned itself with the left, being closely tied to the Significant leftist alliance Entente of the Sun. The alliance as well had known communists within its ranks such as Seyna Seth and Imperial Cubanacan. Tyanogy Glitchblade was on the list of suspected 'nazi' co conspirators to coup Nordreich that Kaiser martens possessed, which led to the purge that disbanded Nordreich. As such, Nordreich in its final hours, and then Norden Verein declared war on Glathen union with the terms of Disbandment. The alliance Disbanded and its members absorbed by its Ally, Entente of the Sun, who was informed to not activate their MADP with Glathen Union to avoid the conflict from escalating. Over Half of the Glathens followed Tyanogy Glitchblade around Planet Bob as an alliance in exile, until the formation of Bushido, which itself was a union between Glathen Loyalists and Union of Republic Loyalists.

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