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State of the Deltoran Republic
Giradot Flag
Provincial Flag
Capital Rolla
Official language English
Demonym Giradoters
Government Type
- Governor
- Lieutenant Governor
Tom Norman
Richard Carey
Provincial Religion Roman Catholicism
Provincial Animal Elk
- Deltoran Consitution
- Entry to STOP

26 July 2010
1 May 2011
Total Population
- Ethnic Groups
Time Zone Centrel Standered Time

Giradot is a Sub-Sovereign State located mainly in the Southern part of Deltora. Its largest city is St. Louis and its capital is Rolla. It borders the Springfield commonwealth to the west and Jefferson to the north. It is the largest state by land in the Deltoran Republic. It is known for its militaral industries and large agricultureal farms.


Great Pacific War

After the outbreak of the Great Pacific War, Cuba declared war on the Deltoran Republic. To defend itself aginst the military of the DR, Cuba alligned itself with other Caribbean nations and formed the Caribbean Treaty Organization. Just a day after this Cuba invaded Deltora. After a week Giradot was completly captured. It was liberated after Deltoran military commanders launched the Southern Counterattack, mainly based in Giradot, that liberated Giradot from Cuban forces. Giradot now acts as a major military area for launching cruse missles and Aircraft at Cuba.

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