A ghost is any nation that shows the alliance affiliation of an alliance without being a proper member of that alliance. Most alliances require members to apply on their forums. If a nation chooses to identify as a member of a specific alliance without applying and waiting for acceptance, they risk being identified as a ghost.


Some alliances will actively hunt ghosts to prevent them from taking any rogue actions that could endanger their alliance, an action known as "ghost busting". Usually ghosts are identified by the Department of Internal Affairs of an alliance and busted by the Department of War of an alliance, though some alliances differ. Some, such as The Order of the Paradox, will delegate the job of busting ghosts to close allies because the bulk of their nations are out of the range of most ghosts, who tend to be smaller, newer players.

Reasons for BustingEdit

Though not every alliances busts ghosts for exactly the same reasons, some common ones include: wanting truer statistics, maintaining a sovereign feel, preventing problems with communications, preventing problems and diplomatic incidents because of rogue attacks, preventing the misrepresentation of members, and preventing communication problems during wars, among other similar reasons.

Reasons for not BustingEdit

Not all alliances actively bust ghosts, especially small ones. This is due to a number of reasons, such as: not having problems with ghosts because of stat inflation, not having the staff and resources to bust ghosts, and the "shield of protection" ghosts can give during war. This is not a complete list, but is fairly representative nonetheless.

Reasons for GhostsEdit

Many ghosts exist because they are unaware of how to apply for an alliance, they can't get accepted into the alliance they wish to be a part of, or they don't truly comprehend the reasons and workings of alliances. Sanctioned alliances tend to have the most problems with ghosts as they appear in the drop down menu and are easy to select for new players. This is especially true for the top alliances, as most new players want to be a part of a strong alliance.

Other reasons for the act of ghosting include seeking protection by sneaking into an alliance's affiliation, but not wanting full membership of any alliance. By doing this, ghosts are less likely to be raided if they remain unnoticed. If they are under an AA, victims of rogues are also less likely to retaliate without the delay of asking permission of the ghost's host alliance.

  • Friendly Ghosting- certain conflicts will see the entry of friendly ghosts who are invited by the alliance in question, to serve as mercenaries/volunteers against opposing forces.

This can sometimes result in attacks against the ghost's home alliance, so it is considered a risky move for adventurers and soldiers of fortune.

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