Germanic Empire

National Flag
Capital City Darchost
Established 11/16/2006
(4,774 days old)
Government Type Revolutionary Government Revolutionary Government
Ruler Willaim Kreiger
Alliance NpOFlag7
New Polar Order
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 11/16/2006 (4,774 days)
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Statistics as of 4/4/2011
Total population 97,997
 77,997 civilians
 20,000 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%%
Religion None None
Total casualties 11,932,219
 4,838,849 attacking
 7,093,370 defending
Casualty Rank 36 of 5,242 (0.69%)
Currency Currency Euro Euro
Infrastructure 3,951.86
Technology 15,303.51
Nation Strength 99,608.358
Nation Rank 733 of 5,242 (13.98%)
Alliance Rank 7 of 267 (2.62%)
Efficiency 38.58
Total Area 2,399.646 Earth icon Moon icon
War/Peace War Currently at war!
Nuclear Weapons Nuke 5 nukes
Native Resources Fish Uranium
Trades Trades55

Germanic Empire -- Willaim Kreiger, A.K.A "GEwilliam" is current Senator of the New Polar Order for the Blue Team. Former Imperial Liaison of the Order, GE has been involved at an integral level in Polaris government since Great War III. A former War Councilor, Minister of Love, and Minister of Plenty, GE now stands as an Imperial Advisor to Emperor Dajobo upon the Imperial Counsel.

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